Haunted Art in Animal Crossing New Horizons?


If you have bought some fake art or fake paintings from Jolly Redd, the Fox who came to your island in his Treasure Trawler, chances are that some of it is haunted. It’s true. If you were initially worrying about Redd unknowingly buying fake art, now you have to worry about it being haunted too.


Some of the fake paintings and art brought in by Redd have shown signs of ghostly behavior. How? The people in the paintings are blinking, smiling and, well, creeping us out.

ACNH Haunted Paintings

Some players are noticing that quite a few of the artworks change when you look at them and then they revert to their original state later in the day. Twitter user @absoluteowten posted a video about this as proof, check it out:

Very spooky and kind of terrifying. Where did you get these from, Jolly Redd?!

That’s not all. Apart from haunted art, there is also a haunted statue that we know of. It starts floating in the air when you interact with the statue. Watch it levitate below.

If this wasn’t scary enough, some of it even glows!

All of these freaky encounters have actually encouraged players to buy some fake art from Jolly Redd intentionally, just to see just how haunted it is! Honestly, it sounds like a great idea and we might do the same thing.

Currently, the Nature Day event is underway in Animal Crossing New Horizons.More events like the May Day Tour (starting today, May 1), International Museum Day and Wedding Season will take place soon. There’s also Leif the Sloth who has brought shrubs to your island, so make sure that you are unlocking hedges and shrubs in ACNH.

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