How To Harvest Cactus In LEGO Fortnite

Want to break the Cactus in LEGO Fortnite, but don’t know how you can do that? Here is all you need to chop them.

Harvesting Cactus gives you a common and distinct item, Flexwood. They are used to craft the Flexwood Rods that you need for the Loom, wheels, Health Charm, and more. As you level up your village and Crafting Bench, you will unlock recipes for the Rare Recurve Crossbow and Rare Pickaxe, both of which need these rods.

They are required in both processed and unprocessed forms. However, due to a lack of data, players even after finding the plant, have a hard time breaking and harvesting Cactus in LEGO Fortnite. But not anymore, as here we have given the fastest way of collecting this resource.

How to Break and Harvest Cactus in LEGO Fortnite

Break and Harvest Cactus in LEGO Fortnite
Image Credit: MonkeyKingHero on YouTube

The Cactus is only found in Dry Valley, also known as desert biome. You need to chop them like any other tree or plant for harvesting; the only condition is to use the Rare Forest Axe. This axe is unlocked in level 3 of the Crafting Station and requires 5 Cut Amber and 3 Knotroot Rods for the recipe.

Cut Amber is also a desert-specific item that you get by breaking golden stones. You can equip the Uncommon or higher rarity pickaxe to mine Rough Amber, but before heading to the Dry Valley, make sure you are prepared to face its extreme temperature. I would suggest you keep some Snow Berry Shakes in your backpack and equip the Cool-Headed Charm if possible.

Knotroot is obtained from the Grassland Caves. Use the Uncommon Forest Axe to chop and collect them. Take them to the Lumber Mill and turn them into Knotroot Rods. Since you have already discovered the Dry Valley while looking for Amber, I would suggest you build a car to reach there faster this time.

That’s all on how to break and harvest Cactus in LEGO Fortnite. If you found this helpful, you should check out the LEGO Fortnite section, as we have covered many resource guides.