GTA 6 Voice Actors And Cast Leaks

Where have we heard them before?

With the Trailer 1 of GTA 6 being out, fans everywhere are breaking it down to get as many details as possible. As such it is no surprise that it broke YouTube’s record of most views within 24 hours. Apart from the song played in the trailer, one of the other things fans are enjoying is guessing who are the voice actors of the game.

The game is also returning to Vice City so it opens a lot more room for speculation about whether we will be hearing from Tommi Vercetti. It also isn’t unimaginable that the series may hire someone big and famous as we already had Samuel L Jackson as Officer Tenpenny. Since a is lot going on, here are the actors that many fans across various social media believe will be voicing the cast of Grand Theft Auto 6.

Who are the Voice Actors in GTA 6?

Disclaimer: Since neither GTA nor the actors playing these roles have officially announced anything at the time of writing this article, these are just speculations.

  • Lucia – Alexandra Echavarri or Natalie Morales
  • Jason – Troy Baker or Tom Taylorson

Here is why they may or may not be the ones voicing them.


Image Credits: Rockstar Games on YouTube and IMDb

Lucia is about to be one of the most iconic characters, as she will be the first female protagonist in a GTA game. Several fans speculate that the one behind her voice is none other than Alexandra Echavarri. Interestingly, she has also voiced Lupe in GTA Online before. So we can see the team hiring a familiar face.

The speculations don’t end just there, many fans also suggest that Natalie Morales is the voice of Lucia. This is also due to her resemblance in appearance to the protagonist. Natalie is famously known for her other roles such as Lucy in Parks and Recreation, Abby in Abby’s, Clementine in Girls, and more.


Image Credits: Rockstar Games on YouTube

Although the only thing we heard Jason say in the trailer is “Trust”, a fairly big number of fans believe that Troy Baker is the one voicing Jason. Troy has played important roles in the past with Jason Todd in Arkham Knight, and Samuel Drake in Uncharted 4 to name a few.

Another popular pick by fans for who Jason might be is Tom Taylorson. Some of his notable roles in gaming include Scott Ryder in Mass Effect Andromeda, and Gilgamesh in Final Fantasy XV.

Unknown Officer

Unknown Officer Voice Actor For GTA 6
Image Credits: Rockstar Games on YouTube

Finally, one of the other NPCs we come across is Lucia’s parole officer. She had a brief dialogue exchange with our main character before the scene shifts. If we are going down GTA San Andreas route then she could be a character we will be seeing quite often.

She could also play a minor role just like Michael’s therapist in GTA V and appear a few times in the game. However, how much of an impact she will have in Lucia’s story is yet to be seen.

So far these are the only characters we have heard in the GTA 6 trailer and as such the speculation for Voice Actors end for now. But since you are here you might also want to check out why the game will skip launch on PC. If you are interested in other such news for this game, then don’t forget to check out our GTA 6 section.