Where Is The Green Circle In Blox Fruits? (Location Guide)

Here is the location of Green Circle in Blox Fruits. Get there and claim gifts.

The winter update of Blox Fruits has added several new items, an island, a subclass, and a Fruit for the players. While some resources need grinding, there are also free and effortless gifts for you to keep. Green Circle in Blox Fruits is the place where free presents are dropped every hour.

Each player gets to claim one box at a time, so you wouldn’t have to fight with others for it. These boxes contain all kinds of gifts, from A-tier Fruits to mythical rarity accessories like the Holiday Cloak. So if you haven’t discovered its location and utilized it, here is where you need to go.

Where is Green Circle and How to Get Christmas Presents in Blox Fruits?

Green Circle and How to Get Christmas Presents in Blox Fruits
Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

Green Circle is in the Sea of Treats, the event-exclusive island present in all sea maps. It is in the North Pole of the seas. In the first sea, you will find it near the Frozen Village. In the second sea, it is situated around the Graveyard. As for the third sea, you will find it near Great Tree Island. In the third sea, this island is separated like a Forest. You have to go to the sub-island with candy canes to find the Green Circle.

Green Circle has a white glowing area in the middle of it, making it easier to spot. If you walk out of the island dock and take the straight path, it will lead you to the circle. On top of this circle is a timer for the next gift drop. As the timer gets over you will receive a notification saying, “The presents event is starting! Make sure you’re in the green circle“.

A big gift box will drop in the white glowing center of the circle; you and others have to break it to get the small present boxes. Once you have broken it, use E to grab the gift. So far, I have received only high-tier Fruits like Magma and String from the boxes, but since I didn’t want to eat them, I selected and used the Store option to keep them in inventory. You should also do this, or the next fruit you get might replace this one in the slots.

This wraps up our Where to Find Green Circle in Blox Fruits guide. If this is interesting to you, then make sure to check out our other Blox Fruits guides.