Blox Fruits Devil Fruit Tier List

A tier list guide of the best fruits in Blox Fruits.

Fruits, also known as Devil Fruits, are vital in Blox Fruits, determining your character’s abilities and boosts. Finding the Devil Fruits in the Blox Fruits tier list is crucial to enhancing your strength in the game. However, determining the best fruit for you can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled this tier list to help you out.

With various Devil Fruits to choose from, each with unique abilities, you can customize your playstyle to suit your needs. Whether you want to be a powerful swordsman, a devastating mage, or a cunning trickster, there’s a Devil Fruit for you.

As you explore the world of Blox Fruits, you’ll encounter various enemies, from low-level pirates to powerful bosses. Test your skills in challenging battles and earn rewards to help you on your journey to becoming the strongest pirate ever to live.

But Blox Fruits isn’t just about fighting. You can sail across the ocean, explore hidden islands, and discover lost treasures. With so much to see and do, there’s something for everyone in Blox Fruits.

Best Devil Fruits in Blox Fruits Tier List

The best Devil Fruits in the Blox Fruits tier list are the ones that offer the best combination of damage output, utility, and ease of use. These fruits can help you take down enemies quickly and efficiently while providing the tools you need to survive and thrive in the game. Here are the best fruits in the Blox Fruits Tier List you can currently get:

Blox FruitsTiersFruit Type
Buddha Fruit S TierBeast
Dark Fruit S TierElemental
Dough Fruit S TierNatural
Dragon Fruit S TierBeast
Ice Fruit S TierElemental
Phoenix Fruit S TierBeast
Rumble Fruit S TierElemental
Soul Fruit S TierNatural
Venom Fruit S TierNatural
Control Fruit A TierNatural
Flame Fruit A TierElemental
Light Fruit A TierElemental
Magma Fruit A TierElemental
Paw Fruit A TierNatural
Quake Fruit A TierNatural
Sand Fruit A TierElemental
String Fruit A TierNatural
Barrier Fruit B TierNatural
Diamond Fruit B TierNatural
Door Fruit B TierNatural
Gravity Fruit B TierNatural
Love Fruit B TierNatural
Revive Fruit B TierNatural
Shadow Fruit B TierNatural
Rubber Fruit C TierNatural
Smoke Fruit C TierElemental
Chop Fruit D TierNatural
Falcon Fruit D TierBeast
Bomb Fruit F TierNatural
Kilo Fruit F TierNatural
Spike Fruit F TierNatural
Spin Fruit F TierNatural
Spring Fruit F TierNatural

Fruits ranked at S Tier will help you achieve the best boosts in the game. While these fruits may be difficult to come by because of their rarity, they are worth the patience and effort.

As you can see, Devil Fruits are divided into three types in Blox Fruits. Each type determines the boosts you will receive upon using them. Check out the three different types here.blox fruits devil fruit sand

Natural Devil Fruits

These fruits provide the least boosts among the three types of Devil Fruits. However, certain natural fruits have boosts similar to the other two types of Devil Fruits.

Elemental Devil Fruits

Using these Devil Fruits will help any attacks pass through your body. This is because your character’s body begins to become the element of the selected fruit. You must remember that attacks will only pass through your body if you have a higher level than your attacker.

Beast Devil Fruit

These fruits help you transform into the beast or creature of your chosen fruit. Upon using a Devil Fruit, you automatically gain access to its abilities.

To unlock each fruit, you must reach the required Mastery for the particular fruit. You need to speak to the Devil Fruit Remover in the Prison to switch between Devil Fruit in the game. The more powerful Devil Fruits are often the hardest to find as they rarely spawn naturally.

That was all for the best Devil Fruits in the Blox Fruits tier list. If you liked this tier list, check out the Roblox Project XL Devil Fruit Tier List.