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Best Greatsword Builds To Use In MHR

Here are some of the best Greatsword builds you can use in Monster Hunter Rise to slay whatever stands in your way.

Monster Hunter Rise or MHR, has many different weapons with many build possibilities, one such weapon is the Greatsword. There are many different combinations you can do in Monster Hunter Rise to make powerful builds. Due to so many interchangeable things that go into making a build, new builds pop up often. Let’s take look at some of the best builds for the Greatsword.

Best Builds for Greatsword in MHR

Here listed are some of the best builds for the Greatsword in Monster Hunter Rise:

  • Punishing Draw Build
  • Rage Slash Build
  • Meaty Chops Build
  • Frostcraft Build
  • High Rank Build

Punishing Draw Build

Thanks to Lord Viettner for this video. This build is one of the strongest when it comes to crits. The Punishing Draw Build has a 100 crit punishing draw health steal. It will be in no Qurious augment set and has a simple charm. It makes it so that the RNG does not affect your ability to make this set. While it doesn’t have the most damage possible, it is a fun build to play with for a Greatsword in MHR.

Rage Slash Build

Thanks to RageGamingVideos for this video. If you like True Charge and Rage Slash then this build is for you. This build focuses on getting as high damage as possible. While both True Charge and Rage Slash are good, for this build, Rage Slash is what it’s centered around. With Rage Slash you will be able to tank a monster hit for 30 reduced damage and then return a hit that is just 10 shy of True Charge damage. It makes for a fun play style along with good damage.

Meaty Chops Build

Thanks to FightinCowboy for this video. The Meaty Chops Build uses the unique-looking Tigrix Greatsword. This build gives you great and easy ways to mount the monster you are fighting. Doing damage with the adamant charged slash does mounting damage. This makes it so you can get some big mounting damage hits with one charged swing. Overall a fun build to play with Greatsword in MHR.

Frostcraft Build

Thanks to Nix Xin for this video. This Frostcraft Build combines the Frostcraft Guard and Offensive Guard. It is very suitable to play for a strong arm playstyle. Frostcraft is highly improved in the current state of Monster Hunter rise making this one of the best builds for a Greatsword in MHR.

High Rank Build

Thanks to Blacktendo for this video. This build is meant to be a build for high ranks as the name would suggest. The build focuses on high-level gameplay and making use of certain tricks or “cheese” tactics. It has an emphasis on Focus with all Jewels that increase it so you can get your charges way faster with this one. It is a great build for a seasoned MHR player.

These are all the best builds for Greatsword in MHR. For more guides like this, check out our other articles on MHR like how to get Twisted Stiffbone and how to get Rachnoid Mesmersilk.