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How To Get Twisted Stiffbone In Monster Hunter Rise (Location Guide)

Here are all the locations where you can find Twisted Stiffbones in MHR Sunbreak.

Twisted Stiffbone is an important material in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak so players are looking for locations to get it. In this action role-playing game, you will be tasked with hunting the various monsters threatening the people of Elgado. These monsters are hard to beat and if you fight them without proper gear then you’ll surely meet your demise. Luckily, you can collect from a number of resources in MHR’s Sunbreak expansion and this guide will tell you where to find Twisted Stiffbones.

Where to Find Twisted Stiffbone in MHR Sunbreak

Twisted Stiffbone locations on Shrine Ruins map

Before you start hunting for this material, you’ll have to gain access to the Master Rank map. Once you do that, you will be able to explore the Shrine Ruins. While exploring the Shrine Ruins, you can farm Twisted Stiffbones by interacting with the Bonepiles scattered around the map. Start from the bottom of the map and make your way to the north while exploring the areas marked on the map.

Twisted Stiffbone Crafting Uses in MHR

Twisted Stiffbone is sought after by many players because of its use in weapons, armor, as well as decorations. Here’s all the gear that uses this material.

  • Weapons
    • Snapper Blade +
    • Arzuros Fishergun +
    • Kulu Pike +
    • Sturdy Glaive Redux +
    • Wyvern Chaser +
    • Grand Barong +
    • Bonesilt Veil +
    • Dragonsong +
    • Kulu’s Lasher +
    • Kulu Slicer +
    • Gnash Katana +
    • Arzuros Strikequill +
    • Gale Scimitar +
    • Kulu Crusher +
    • Barbearic Hammer +
    • Zurogong Secundo +
    • Gale Horn +
    • Kulu Grosso +
    • Gale Lance +
    • Behemoth Gunlance +
    • Arzuros Revelax +
    • Conqueress II
    • Arzuros’ Honeypot +
    • Kulu Piercer +
  • Armor
    • Yukumo Sky Kasa
    • Yukumo Sky Hakama
    • Scholarly Strongarm
    • Scholarly Boots
    • Regios Greaves
    • Arzuros Mail X
    • Barbania Belt
    • Bnahabra Hat X
    • Bnahabra Suit X
    • Bnahabra Boots X
    • Bone Helm X
    • Bone Mail X
    • Bone Vambraces X
    • Bone Coil X
    • Bone Greaves X
    • Bullfango Mask X
    • Hunter’s Greaves X
    • Melahoa Jacket X
    • Melahoa Branch X
    • Melahoa Roots X
  • Armor Sets
    • Yukumo Sky Set
    • Scholarly Set
    • Seregios Set
    • Arzuros X Set
    • Barbania Set
    • Bnahabra X Set
    • Bone X Set
    • Bullfango X Set
    • Hunter X Set
    • Melahoa X Set
  • Decorations
    • Protection Jewel +

That’s all from us on where to get Twisted Stiffbone in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. For more helpful guides like How To Get Rachnoid Mesmersilk, visit our MHR section right away.