Jagged Alliance 3 Graaf And Diamond Red Mine Guide

Save the slaves from the hands of cruel Slave Master Graaf or make him your foreman with the help of this Jagged Alliance 3 decision guide.

Slave Master Graaf of Jagged Alliance 3 is a cruel and tough opponent. Here players have to do several things at once to achieve a humanitarian and monetary goal. Your decision in fight and approach will decide if slaves live or die and if you get money, loyalty, and other in-game items. Not just their life but their future also depends on the choices you make while having a conversation with Graaf, so understand the choices and select whichever you deem fit.

All Choices of Graaf to Save Slaves in Jagged Alliance 3

JA3 Slave Master Graaf

Slave Master Graaf is in Diamond Red Mine at the A2 section of the map. Graaf has made some slaves captive, so when you reach there, you have to be sneaky in taking down Graaf’s people. Now there are two things you can do here; you can either find the Graaf and deal with him first or save the slaves, as the first choice would risk their life. No matter which method you choose, you will end up capturing Graaf.

Jagged Alliance’s Graaf is arrogant and thinks that slaves deserve what they are getting. You can try to talk, understand and convince him with left-side options like “Why do you hate the slave so much?” and “These people will do much better without you“. Selecting them will lead to other dialogues that do not change him, but you get an offer from him. He will offer to become your Foreman. And you will get these main choices.

Jagged Alliance 3 Graaf

  • Become a Foreman for us
    If you select this option, you will get 1 Magazine, 1 Big Diamond, 8 Tiny Diamonds, and more. But there is a negative impact, which could lead to the killing of Graaf. There aren’t many ways to avoid that in Jagged Alliance 3, but one of the most popular ways is through splitting your mercs.
  • You deserve to die
    When you select this option, Graaf will again try to convince you, and you will get these options.

    • Become a Foreman for us
      The result will be the same as the above: Become a Foreman choice.
    • Time for you to die*
      You will kill Slave Master Graaf of Jagged Alliance 3 and receive Gold Fever Sniper Rifle.
    • Give us the diamonds and leave*
      This will give you some Big Diamonds, Tiny Diamonds, Magazine, Ancient Golden Dog artifact, and more.

These were all the choices you can make to decide the future of slaves and Graaf in Jagged Alliance 3. We have covered many JA3 topics, so if you found this informative, you should check our other Jagged Alliance 3 guides. And if you are looking for similar recruit and choice guides, read Herman’s choices and how to hire Smiley.