Pokemon GO GPS Signal Not Found (11) Error Fix

Trying to play Pokemon GO but wondering why the game says GPS Signal not found (11) error? You aren’t alone, but here are some ways you can fix it.

One of the oldest bugs that return to the game from time to time is the GPS Signal not found (11) error in Pokemon GO, and players are looking for a fix. This is an odd and even random issue because in one update your game works fine, and suddenly in the next you start facing it. Additionally, you can get it no matter if you are playing the game on your phone’s cellular data or if you are using Wi-Fi. Luckily, these basic solutions might do the trick.

How to Fix GPS Signal Not Found in Pokemon GO

How To Fix GPS Signal Not Found Error In Pokemon GO
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. How GPS Signal not found error looks in Pokemon GO.

You can solve this issue by disabling location services on your phone and then enabling it. Thanks to u/dhanson865 for sharing this fix, you can check their comment here. Here are the steps for it:

  1. Close Pokemon Go then go to your phone’s settings and turn off location.
  2. Next, open Google Maps after waiting for a few seconds.
  3. Try searching something or tracking your location and you should now get a popup to turn on your device’s location.
  4. Choose OK here.
  5. Wait for the GPS to work and then close Maps.
  6. Now, go back and launch Pokemon GO.
  7. You shouldn’t get this error now.

If this doesn’t work here are some other things you can do:

  • Give Pokemon GO Location Permissions: Since you have been playing this game, it should already be on. But go to your App Settings look for Pokemon GO here disable and enable its location permissions.
  • Check your connection: If your internet isn’t working properly it may have trouble getting your location, you can check how fast it is by doing a speed test.
  • Switch your connection: If you are playing on Mobile data try switching to a Wi-Fi connection and vice versa. Also, if you are playing it with your friends you can even ask them for a hotspot connection to test if the problem may be with your service provider.
  • Refresh your Internet: You can refresh your connection by turning on flight mode, waiting a few seconds, and turning it off. Alternatively, you can reboot your router to refresh your Wi-Fi.

That about sums up the different ways you can fix GPS Signal not found error in Pokemon GO and why you get it. If the problem still persists you should check out how to fix Network errors. In this guide, you can find different error codes and ways to get rid of them.