How To Fix Network Errors In Pokemon Go

Learn how to fix all kinds of error issues in your Pokemon Go

Have you been facing difficulties with your Pokemon Go anytime recently? Even if you have been lucky enough not having faced them yet, there are chances that you might.

But rest assured, it is not your device that is faulty, it’s an in-game glitch caused due to Niantic’s servers frying out, and is pretty common with its other games as well. After all, handling data of millions of users along with individual GPS targeting is going to take a heavy toll on the servers inevitably. So what can you do to fix them?

If you have ever noticed the error messages more closely, they might not be the same every time. That is because there are more than 10 error codes associated with Pokemon GO.
Let’s have a look at these error codes and learn how to fix them.

Error codes in Pokemon Go and how to fix them

Error code 33: Can’t get past the GO text in a raid battle

  • Cause – Game servers and apps get unsynchronised.
  • Fix – Instead of manually changing time in the device, set it to automatic. This ensures perfect syncing of servers and your device.

Error code 32: Loss of Gps signal while spinning the wheel at a gym

  • Cause – Unknown
  • Fix – No known fix. Try refreshing the Gps in device settings.

Error code 31: Fails to take over a gym

  • Cause – Improper updating of game
  • Fix – Takeover the gym again and place your pokemon thereafter.

Error code 29: Gym fails to realize that you have left the battle and want to rejoin

  • Cause – Player leaving a gym battle midway
  • Fix – Fixes on its own after 5-10 mins.

Error code 26: Player is knocked out of battle

  • Cause – Delayed server processes due to large data consumption
  • Fix – Delete a previous action (eg. delete a pokemon you recently caught) and perform it again.

Error code 25: shows an error upon catching a pokemon

  • Cause – Unknown
  • Fix – Restart the game

Error code 12: location fails to detect

  • Cause – Gps signals hindered or geolocation has been blocked by authorities
  • Fix – Refresh Gps, otherwise no other fix

Error code 11: Gps Signal not found

  • Cause – Gps hasn’t been switched on in your device
  • Fix – Switch the Gps on

Error code 10: No network connectivity

  • Cause – Device is not receiving signals
  • Fix – If off, switch your data on, otherwise contact your service provider for network issues.

Error code 3: Please try again after a while, something went wrong

  • Cause – Purchase/exchange issues with Pokecoins
  • Fix – Restart the game

Error code 2: Network error

  • Cause – Multiple issues while launching the game
  • Fix – Unknown

Hopefully, understanding the error codes displayed in the game makes sense to you now and you can help fix it appropriately referring to this guide. Check out our Pokemon Go guides for more useful tips and tricks!