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Goose Goose Duck Vs Among Us: Which Is A Better Game?

Suss about choosing the better game? Check out our guide for a complete breakdown of the comparison between Goose Goose Duck and Among Us.

Goose Goose Duck is an indie social deduction game that has become quite viral in recent times. Ever since its release, the community has been quick to draw out its similarities with Among Us. And several players even stated it to be a clone of Among Us. But concluding which game is better to play with friends can be a tad bit confusing. Not to worry, we have compiled some factors to weigh in to help you out. So, check out our guide for a complete comparison of Goose Goose Duck Vs Among Us.


Goose Goose Duck Vs Among Us – Which is Better?

As mentioned earlier, we will be mentioning several factors to discuss their pros and cons. So, here are some factors to consider in deciding which game is better:

Voice Chat Support

You need to install mods or a third-party app like Discord to communicate with your friends in Among Us.  But speaking of Goose Goose Duck, it features in-game Voice chat Support that you can use. The Goose Goose Duck also has proximity chat that you can use to overhear any suss conversations among the group. Although if you are a Duck, we recommend turning it Off to avoid someone from hearing something suspicious.

Furthermore, you can also connect to Discord from the Main menu in Goose Goose Duck. So, you don’t have to worry about connecting with your friends anyway.


More Game Modes

In total, Goose Goose Duck has 5 built-in game modes for players to play with their friends. This includes the Classic+, Classic, Dine & Dash, Goose Hunt, and Trick or Treat. On the other hand, Among Us has only two game modes. These two modes are Classic & Hide and Seek. For players looking for complex and immersive gameplay, Goose Goose Duck is clearly a winner.

Character Player Customization

If character customization matters a lot to you, Goose Goose Duck has a plethora of options to choose from. This ranges from picking a color scale for Geese to picking up the right outfit, accessories, and headpieces for them. You can even customize the emotes of your farts in the game.


On the contrary, the customization option in Among Us is pretty limited. You might have wanted more customization options in the game but there isn’t much as of now.

goose goose duck vs among us



As of now, there are seven modes in Among Us including the Crewmate and Imposter. Speaking of Goose Goose Duck, there are 17 roles for the Duck, 21 roles for the Goose, and 6 neutral roles. so, it is clear that the latter has more roles than Among Us. Furthermore, some roles can also win by getting voted out. So, once you get the hook of the game, you might hesitate to vote out right away.

Easygoing Game Play

Considering the above factors, Among Us has simpler and more easygoing gameplay. Being a social deduction game, some players might wish for simplicity rather than more gameplay. On the other hand, Goose Goose Duck is far from having simplistic gameplay. With an extensive range of roles, customization options, and game modes, it might take a while to get a gist of this game.

In my opinion, Among Us has done a pretty great job at that. Over the years, Among Us has been quite an influential game. It has given us slang like Suss, Imposter, Fake, and more that have stuck with the Internet till now.


In addition to having more maps than Among Us, Goose Goose Duck has complexity in every map. As with the maps of every game, it might take some time to fully know them. But once you get acclimatized, you are in for a real treat.

What I enjoyed is that every map of Goose Goose Duck offers a different setting in all. So, if you want a map with a dark setting, you can choose a map like Goosechapel. Depending on these maps, you also get similar tasks according to their world setting.

goose goose duck vs among us

Is Goose Goose Duck Better?

The answer to that question is Yes. Goose Goose Duck offers more game modes, features, and customization options for players to pick from. In comparison to Among Us, it is arguably much less popular and mainstream. But it might be the best iteration of the mafia video game till now. Nevertheless, Goose Goose Duck is a better game than Among Us considering most of the factors mentioned above.

Lastly, it is for you to decide which is better for you to play with friends. So, we leave the verdict and the rest of the decision to you.

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