How To Get Gold Coins In Goose Goose Duck

Here's a simple guide on how to get Gold Coins in Goose Goose Duck.

Gold Coins in Goose Goose Duck are the premium currency you can use to buy cosmetics so players are looking for ways to get them. In this Among Us-like game, you can be a Goose and complete tasks on the deck. Or you can take the role of a Duck and eliminate the Geese. Along with cosmetics, you can also get Pets to unlock achievements. To help you do so, this guide will tell you how to earn Gold Coins.

How to Get Gold Coins in Goose Goose Duck

Earn Gold Coins in Daily Rewards

In most free-to-play games, the devs add a premium currency you can buy using real money. This gives you access to the in-game items much faster and this game is no different.

In Goose Goose Duck, the best way to get Gold Coins is by purchasing them or packs using real-life money. Packs in this game are bundles of items and currency. For example, the Starter Pack will net you 50 Coins along with other accessories for $9.99. Or you can directly get them by paying the following amount:

Gold Coins Price
20 $1.99 USD
80 $4.99 USD
200 $9.99 USD
600 $19.99 USD
1,600 $39.99 USD
4,000 $79.99 USD

Earning Gold Coins

You can also earn Gold Coins in but you will get minimal amounts. To get them for free, you can:

  • Open Daily Rewards: You get Daily Rewards for logging in every day. These include Coins along with Silver Coins, EXP, etc.
  • Complete Achievements: In this game, you can complete 163 Achievements to get rewards. You can look for achievements that offer Coins and start grinding them.
  • Use Claw Machines: While completing tasks, you will come across Colored Tokens. You can use them at the Claw Machines in the Lounge map’s “Hanging Out” mode. Using them, you can get both coins and other cosmetics.

That’s everything on how to get Gold Coins in Goose Goose Duck. If you are new to the game, then check out our Beginner’s Guide on GamerTweak.