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Google Memory Games For Kids & Adults (2023)

Don't want to download a game but want to train your brain? Try these Google memory games that you can play online.

The best thing about Google Memory Games is that you don’t have to download an app on your iPad, mobile phone, or PC – you can start playing them right away via your browser. These games are pretty popular among kids and adults alike and if you want to improve your child’s thinking skills, concentration, and attention span, these games will help.

Best Google Memory Games for Kids and Adults

As of now, there are two memory games created by Google. If you are interested in playing more Chrome games, Google Doodle games, and more browser games with friends, be sure to check out our related articles right away.

Sea Creatures Musical Memory Game

One of the most popular Google memory games is the one with these cute creatures in four colors – yellow (Pufferfish), green (Turtle), red (Octopus), and blue (Jellyfish). You can play it within your search page and don’t have to visit an external link.

How to Play & Get High Score

how to play google memory game

  1. First, the game will highlight a circle and there will be an audio/musical cue.
  2. Click on the circle that was just highlighted by the game.
  3. Now, wait for the game to highlight two circles in a particular order. Recreate that order by clicking on the right creatures.
  4. The game will keep adding to the sequence and your task is to recreate that entire sequence right from the beginning.
  5. When you recreate the sequence properly, your streak increases and so will your high score. You can check the count at the top left of the window.
  6. For example: If the game highlights Turtle, Turtle, Turtle, Pufferfish, Jellyfish – you should also click on them in the same order.

Santa Tracker Picture Match Game

Picture matching is one of the most popular ways to train your brain and this Santa Tracker memory game does it pretty well. As you’ll see, the graphics are very colorful and eye-catching which makes it perfect for kids.

how to play picture matching game santa tracker

How to Play

  1. Click on one green door and an image will show up when the door opens.
  2. Remember the door location of the image and click on another door.
    santa tracker game
  3. If it doesn’t match the previous door, both doors will close. Now, remember the image behind both the doors which just closed.
  4. Click on another door and see if it matches any of the previously opened doors. If yes, click on that door and you will have a match.
  5. Whenever you match, you are one step closer to solving the entire puzzle. Keep doing this until all the green doors are opened.

And that’s all for the best memory games by Google. If this was helpful, be sure to also find out if you can beat Google’s Impossible Tic Tac Toe.