Best Google Snake Mods 2023

Here are the top 15 best Google Snake Mods for all Game Modes.

Looking for the best Google Snake mods to play? We’ve got you covered. Google Snake game is the best way to enjoy the old-time classic in a new elegant form with lots of new game modes. These different game mode combinations can be further elevated with more custom mods to create your own unique gameplay. So we will help you get these custom mods on your PC right away. Take a look at the top 15 best Google Snake Mods and Game Modes.

Best Google Snake Mods 2023

Best Google Snake Mods and Game Modes

Here are the best Google Snake Mods:

  • Google Snake Custom Menu Stuff
  • Google Snake Dark Mode
  • Snake Toggle Death Screen
  • Google Snake Skull Poison
  • Google Snake Input Counter
  • aiyiwowtgwl
  • Snake Wall Endgame Sooner
  • Google Snake Any Board Size
  • Google Snake Animated Colours
  • Snake Centered FBX
  • Google Snake Time Keeper
  • Google Snake But DVD Screensaver
  • Snake Custom Snake Colors
  • Google Snake Pretty Timers
  • Google Snake Burger Mode
  • Bonus – Best Mod to Avoid: Google Snake Combined Modes

Google Snake Custom Menu Stuff

This is hands down the best Google Snake Mod unlocking all the game modes, colors, and background in the game. Here’s our guide on how to install Google Snake Mod Menu.

Google Snake Dark Mode

This one lets you play the game in Dark mode as the title suggests. Al you have to do, is type in “window.snake.dark();” into the console. Here’s the GitHub link with all the steps and how to import it as a bookmark.

Snake Toggle Death Screen

This one will let you turn off and on the game over screen, or commonly known as Death Screen. But keep in mind that this one doesn’t game your game score or stats. Here’s the GitHub link.

Google Snake Skull Poison

Okay, this one is just for fun. Your normal red apples will be taken away and all you will see are the “Poison apples”. Eating Poison Apples will make your Snake go haywire. You will lose complete control and determine where the snake will be headed to. Play at your own risk for fun. Here’s the GitHub link.

Google Snake Input Counter

Does exactly as the title suggests. Here’s the bookmark download link.


Turns your snake invisible as if your net went off. You can wither trigger this by typing in “window.snake.invisible();”, or download the bookmark here.

Snake Wall Endgame Sooner

Type the command “snake.wall_every_apple();” into your console to trigger the end game with apples.

Google Snake Any Board Size

Here is the GitHub link, to change your board size to any width, and height you desire.

Google Snake Animated Colours

This will give you amazing animated color combinations for both your snake and background. Here’s the download link.

Snake Centered FBX

This one is useful to center align the FBX mode (arcade mode) of the game. Here’s the GitHub link.

Google Snake Time Keeper

Wish if you had a leaderboard to keep track of your high scores and game completion minutes? Then here’s what you need.

Google Snake But DVD Screensaver

Just as the name suggests, a DVD Screensaver mode to play around with. Get it from here.

Snake Custom Snake Colors

Looking to get that perfect Watermelon red or washed lavender colors? Then this mod will get you sill your snake with any color you can think of.

Google Snake Pretty Timers

If “pretty timers” are on top of your list during the heated games, then this one is the way to go about it.

Google Snake Burger Mode

Finally a perfect Burger Mode for Google Snake. Released back in March 2021, this one is a must-try for some mixed experience. Get it from here.

Best Mod to Avoid: Google Snake Combined Modes

Used to be the best mode to play the game, until Google realized the same and officially gave us the “Blender Mode”. Now you can just use in the inbuilt Blender Mode to combine the different experiences without lifting fingers. So there is no point in downloading this one. But still here’s the link for your reference.

Taking about the “Blender Mode”, there are many other games modes now offered by Google, which were just normal mods before. So knowing all the available inbuilt game modes will help you to avoid taking unnecessary mod-files anymore. So Let’s take a look at them.

All Snake Game Modes

Here are all the officially available game modes in the Google Snake game:

  • Blender Mode
  • Cheese Hole Mode
  • Classic Mode
  • Dual Headed Mode / Twin Mode
  • Fast Mode
  • Fruit Ninja Mode
  • Infinity Borderless Mode
  • Key Unlock Mode
  • Multi-Mode
  • Peaceful Mode
  • Poison fruit mode
  • Portal Mode
  • Slow Mode
  • Sokoban Mode
  • Wall Mode
  • Winged Mode / Flying Apple Mode (Quidditch Snitch)
  • Yin Yang Mode

Those are the top 15 best Google Snake Mods for all Game Modes. While you are here, make sure to check out other snake guides like how to get and play Snake Mods on School Chromebook.

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