Best Google Chrome Games To Play 2024

Here's a guide featuring the best games you can play on Google.

Do you miss the simpler times when you could play 2D games on your computer? Don’t worry as Google has similar interactive and simpler games to keep you out of the kingdom of boredom. These games are easily accessible and can be played without downloading them. Here’s a list featuring the best Google Browser games you can play.

Best Games to Play on Google

Scroll till the end to know all the best Google games available to play.


  • If there was a card game that you can play by yourself, Solitaire would be on top of the list.
  • Solitaire is a card game that has been on computers since the 90s.
  • Now, you can play Solitaire on Google by typing Solitaire on the search bar.

solitaire best google games

Atari Breakout

  • Atari breakout was a 70s arcade game and was ported into several Video Computer systems (VCS).
  • Although playing on VCS is a bit difficult, you can always play Atari Breakout on Google.
  • Head over to Google and type Atari Breakout on the search bar.
  • Click on I’m Feeling Lucky and beat your high score on repeat.

google games atari breakout

Zerg Rush

  • Zerg Rush is a game on Google that pops several bubbles into your Google search page.
  • You have to burst those bubbles before they crash into your search links.
  • To play this game, type Zerg Rush on your Google search bar and select the I am feeling Lucky option.

zerg rush

Quick Draw

  • Primarily for the people who like to doodle and sketch, this game recognizes your doodles (or scribbles in my case).
  • It will ask you to draw an object, animal, or shape in 20 seconds.
  • If it recognizes all the six doodles you have drawn, pat yourself on the back for the artist you are.
  • To play this game on Google, you need to type Quick Draw and click on the I am feeling lucky option.

quick draw

Tic Tac Toe

  • Taking you back to the 2000s when there was no smartphones in sight, Tic Tac Toe was a savior of eliminating a lot of people’s boredom.
  • The origins of this game can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and Roman civilizations.
  • But at present, you can play Tic Tac Toe on your Google.
  • Type Tic Tac Toe on the search bar to eliminate your boredom.

tic tac toe Try not to lose from a computer as it keeps a check on the score during the game.

Spin a Dreidel

  • Long back, Jewish civilians invented spinning a Dreidel as a game to learn Hebrew in secret. In secret because the Greek King Antiochus IV had forbidden all the Jew culture.
  • Now, spinning dreidel is played during Hanukkah in remembrance of the culture.
  • Four symbols denote the four alphabets in the Hebrew language. Nun, Gimel, Hay, and Shin mean nothing, entirety, half, and put in respectively.
  • You can play this game by typing Dreidel or Spin a dreidel on Google search bar.

spin a dreidel

Dino Run

  • Rather than cursing your internet connection, playing Dino Run is a pretty good way to look at the silver lining.
  • For players with low or no internet, this is a perfect game to play on all devices.
  • And for players with internet, go to chrome://dino/ to play a T-Rex running endlessly.

dino run t-rex game


  • This is not a game but more of a hidden trick by Google.
  • If you want Google to experience the gravitational pull on Internet, Type Google gravity on your search Bar.
  • Then select the I am feeling lucky option to look at this chaotic aberration.

google gravity

That’s all on Google games to play. If this guide helped you, you can also check the best Google Doodle games right here on Gamer Tweak.