Monopoly Go: How To Get Gold Cards Or Golden Stickers

Use these methods to get Gold Cards or Golden Stickers in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go Gold cards are the rarest sticker you get in the game. They are high-ranking cards that are so special that you cannot even trade them when writing this guide. Some players with duplicate Golden Stickers wish to trade them with the new ones but are waiting for the feature to launch. Plus, there hasn’t been any announcement regarding how one can get them and if trading will become possible in the future or not.

How to Get Monopoly Go Gold Cards and Gold Stickers

Get Gold Cards In Monopoly Go

Like any other Stickers, Monopoly Go Golden Cards are obtained from the packs but are rare. As you might know, there are different colors of packs, such as green, blue, and purple, which also affects the chances. The odds of getting this card through blue, purple, and premium purple packs are higher than the rest, as claimed by some players. But still, you should try to get all the Sticker packs you can get, if luck is on your side you will get them from green too.

Talking about the methods that have a higher chance of giving these Golden Stickers and premium packs, we have two ways: Limited-time events and Top 3 rank in tournaments. But there is no guarantee that you will get Monopoly Go’s Gold Card with this. It’s just that the chances are higher here. Limited-time events give several tasks; you get points for completing them. You will get the Stickers Pack, free Dice, and money if you can accumulate sufficient points. One of the time-limited events that gives a bunch of Golden Sticker packs is the Monopoly Go Cloud Cruisin Event. Complete that event whenever it becomes active. In the tournament, you will face off against other players and try to score faster and more than the rest of the players.

These were all the possible ways to get Golden Stickers or Gold Cards in Monopoly Go. If you are low on spins or are waiting for it to recharge, use these methods and get free Dice Rolls. Also, check our other Monopoly Go guides and learn if Cheats and Tricks are available here.