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God of War Sequel for PS5 Will Be Announced in August State of Play, Insider Claims

According to current rumors, another edition of State of Play is scheduled to take place in August. If what an insider says is true, then we can look forward to something big: the official reveal of a new God of War Sequel game.

In the last month, Sony Interactive Entertainment gave us a first look at the line-up of PlayStation 5 as part of a large-scale online event. The highlights certainly included games such as Gran Turismo 7, Demon’s Souls Remake, Horizon: Forbidden West, or Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

As Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed at the end of the event, the Japanese company has more PS5 games reveal announcements that will be held in the August State Of Play. So it seems that more surprises are waiting to be revealed in the coming months.

Even though an official confirmation is still pending, rumors have persisted in recent weeks that another State of Play format will take place on August 6. With the Youtuber and insider Moore’s Law is Dead, a source commented on this, which already correctly predicted part of the content of yesterday’s Xbox Games Showcase.

So according to the insider, we can look forward to something big in the next State of Play edition. On the one hand, Sony Interactive Entertainment should use the online event to reveal the next God of War Sequel. The insider commented the following:

The first one, this is a bombshell, I believe, is a new God of War. The sequel will be showed off supposedly in under a month. This is a well-guarded secret and its supposedly going to have (I’m just quoting him) jaw-dropping graphics that will approach photorealism, that they want to showcase this as ‘see PlayStation brings you next-gen graphics.’ It’s coming Fall 2021.

But apparently the insider doesn’t stop there. A franchise, which used to be very prominent on PlayStation, is also set to celebrate its return. Mark Cerny is said to be involved in the comeback of the series. Moore’s Law is Dead did not reveal what we are dealing with here in detail.

In any case, you can check the video below to get more insight into what’s coming next for PlayStation 5.