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Sony Has More PS5 Games Announcement That Will Be Held in August State of Play

According to some unconfirmed reports, another issue of State of Play will take place next month. It is said that we can obviously look forward to first and third-party announcements from Sony.

As part of a major online event, Sony Interactive Entertainment gave us a detailed look at upcoming PS5 titles a few weeks ago. We will get another impression of the technical possibilities of the next console generation this month.


Microsoft confirmed on Monday that the large-scale online event for the first and third party line-up of the Xbox Series X will take place on July 23, 2020. However, according to current reports, this is still not enough.

For a few weeks now, the rumor has persisted that we can look forward to another edition of State of Play. The rumors these days are supported by the usually well-informed Eurogamer author Tom Phillips. It is indicated that Sony Interactive Entertainment may have deliberately decided to hold back one or the other announcement.

The details of first and third-party announcements are mentioned here. We can probably assume that these will take place in the next State of Play edition. No concrete details about possible announcements have been given so far.


It is speculated that in addition to smaller new projects for the PS5, implementations of selected PS4 games such as Dreams, The Last of Us 2 or Ghost of Tsushima could be announced. Of course, the whole thing has not yet been officially confirmed.