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Horizon: Forbidden West Confirmed for 2021 Release

Guerrilla Games have just now revealed the production diary for Horizon: Forbidden West, where they have released new details about the sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The studio confirmed that the game will be released exclusively for PS5 in 2021  (no quarter indication), and has defined exactly what “Forbidden West” means, which apparently concerns a border between Utah in the U.S. and the Pacific Ocean.


It has also been revealed that Horizon: Forbidden West will not have loading screens, and that taking quick trips will be an almost instantaneous process.

As for the game map, it will be “slightly larger” than the first game, and will include sequences and underwater zones, as can be seen in the trailer that was demonstrated in the PS5 games reveal event.

To see the complete production diary, check the below video:


Recall that Horizon: Forbidden West will not be released this year. Guerilla does not want to release the game until 2021.