Dead Island 2: Goat Pen Master Keys Location (Both Ways)

Karan Pahuja
3 Min Read

In Dead Island 2, finding the location of the Goat Pen Master Keys can be a bit difficult. But it is needed in one of the side quests called “Creature Comforts”. You will be tasked to get Cigars from the master bedroom or to get some vintage Wine. Both of these will need you to have the above-mentioned keys. So here are the 2 ways to get them.

Goat Pen Master Keys Locations in Dead Island 2

get goat pen master keys from jamie dead island 2
Image Credit: WoW Quests on YouTube

You can get Master Keys by defeating a zombie called Goat Pen Jamie in the bowling alley. This is the main method but many players find it bugged where he doesn’t spawn. But luckily, there is a skip that lets you directly break into the Master Bedroom early without having to fight anyone. So based on whichever method you like here are both methods to get the Master Keys.

Beating Goat Pen Jamie

  1. After you find the Wine room locked turn back and go outside.
  2. Turn left before the pool and go down the stairs.
  3. Next, take a right toward the Goat Pen sign.
  4. Take another right and go inside.
  5. You will see a Bowling Alley by looking around.
  6. Go there and a zombie named “Goat Pen Jamie” will come to attack you.
  7. Eliminate him along with the rest of the mob that tries to attack you from behind.
  8. Once he is dead he will drop the Goat Pen Pen Master Keys.

In case he doesn’t happen to spawn then you should try coming back to this place after progressing the game. Preferably try reaching Venice Beach safehouse or further.

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Skipping the fight

breaking into master bedroom for goat pen keys dead island 2
Image Credit: Arbuckle on YouTube
  1. Go outside at the front of the house.
  2. Take a left, from the front entrance.
  3. Then take another left as soon as you go up and go towards the Filming section.
  4. Jump down the ledge and you will be outside the master bedroom.
  5. Destroy the alarm then break into the room.
  6. You can find the Keys on the small table beside the bed on the left.

Using both these methods you can easily get the keys. For more on this game also check our guides on how to change active quests, get infected flesh, and character tier list.