How To Get Infected Flesh In Dead Island 2? (Rare Drop Farming)

Need Infected Flesh to give to Francesca? Here is all you need to know on how you can get your hands on some in Dead Island 2.

In Body Art: Visionary Quest of Dead Island 2 you will come across a request by Francesca. She will ask you to bring Infected Flesh. It is a Rare Drop in Dead Island 2. It is also used in crafting items that can attract zombies. Infected Flesh is also an expensive item, if you can drop 10 in Francesca’s bucket you can earn up to 1000 XP. In this guide, you will learn various ways to find infected flesh in Dead Island 2. You can check out the list of zombies who can easily drop the flesh. So focus on finding them to complete the side quest as well to get a useful crafting item

Where To Find Infected Flesh in Dead Island 2?

infected flesh dead island 2

There are two ways to get this item, first by killing specific types of zombies and second exploring medical centers. Below is the list of two zombies that will commonly drop Infected Flesh. All you have to do is find the following zombies and kill them. Scan their remains to collect infected flesh. Medical Centers is a place where you can find infected flesh in Dead Island 2.

  1. Hydration Walkers
  2. Riot Gear Walkers

Other than the above two walkers, you can also check Shocking Walkers, Grenadier Walkers, Burning Walkers, and Bursters to get Infected Flesh. Obtaining Infected Flesh is part of the quest given by Francesca. She will ask you to bring back 10 pieces of Infected Flesh for her. Now this can take a long time as the drop for Infected Flesh is rare at best in Dead Island 2. This is why you should activate this quest and just play the game as you would. This will make it so that you are still progressing through the game while also obtaining this item.

While Infected Flesh can be found by killing most zombies in the game, it can also be found in some rare areas. Specifically, where medical practices on zombies were being conducted aka Medical Centers. Keep a look out for such areas that look like there is a lot of medical and science equipment lying around. You can find Infected Flesh here without killing any zombies.

That is how you can find Infected Flesh in Dead Island 2. You can check out more guides like this by reading these other articles on Dead Island 2 like how to change active quest and how to beat Nikki Gutte.