Dead Island 2 Character Tier List – Best Slayers Ranked

Shreyansh Shah
4 Min Read

Looking for a Dead Island 2 Character Tier List with the best Slayers ranked? Then keep reading below to find out who takes the top spot as the best Slayer. While each of the six Slayers has their own Innate Skills, their attributes and gameplay mechanics is what differentiate them. Of course, it might be so that the views on this character tier list don’t match. However, our tier list is based on our experience while playing the game with different characters. So if you want to start with what might be the best Slayer for you, we recommend you keep reading below.

Dead Island 2 Best Characters Tier List

Since each stats differs for each character, you would first want to understand which kind of gameplay you prefer. While there are Slayers who are agile, there are also Slayers who are tanks, and selecting the best will also come down to the gameplay type that you like. Nevertheless, since we are ranking them, here’s our Dead Island 2 Slayers Tier List with all characters ranked:

Ryan – S Tier Slayer

Dead Island 2 Slayer tier List Ryan

Ryan is big on Toughness and is a Tank when it comes to fighting. Along with that, his Innate Skills provide him with a greater advantage than others. Sadly, he is the slowest Slayer there is in Dead Island 2 but he might just be the best one.

Jacob – A Tier Slayer (Best Dead Island 2 Solo Character)

Best Dead Island 2 Solo Character Jacob

Jacob is probably the most balanced character in this Dead Island 2 Slayers Tier List. With fast-paced attacks and high Toughness, Jacob is quite a strong choice while facing the monsters in the game. He might drop points for Resilience, but it does not damage his performance.

Bruno – A Tier Slayer

Best Character Dead Island 2 Bruno

Bruno is next in our rank precisely due to his Innate Skills and max Critical Damage. His steady Toughness along with the Crit Damage helps you take down numerous enemies quickly. This definitely makes up for his low health and helps you avoid any unnecessary damage.

Carla – B Tier Slayer

Slayer Tier List Carla

Carla might be Tough and possess a lot of Resilience. However, her lack of Critical Damage is why she is lower in this Dead Island 2 Best Characters Tier List. Along with that, her Innate Skills don’t actually make up for the lost Crit and hence, we prefer not to have her as our Slayer.

Dani – B Tier Slayer

Dead Island 2 Dani

Dani is a strong character in some sense. She is Tough, has stamina and is balanced with Agility. However, her lack of Health Recovery makes her a dangerous cannon to fire. While her Innate Skills are truly good, it wasn’t a risk we would want to take.

Amy – C Tier Slayer

Best Slayer Tier List Amy

Amy is the most agile character in the game and is quite useful at picking out solo enemies. However, since Dead Island 2 hardly has any solo enemies, it gets difficult to beat enemies with her. You can give her a try if you want to speed run past the enemies.

That’s all there is on Dead Island 2 Character Tier List with best Slayers ranked. Since you are playing Dead Island 2, you might need one of of our other guides and you can check them out right here at Gamer Tweak.