How To Unlock Glass Fandango In Vampire Survivors & Evolve It

These are the two ways you can get Glass Fandango in Vampire Survivors and its evolution method.

The Whiteout patch update for Vampire Survivors is here which brings a new stage & a weapon. This weapon is none other than the Glass Fandango which players are looking to unlock. The reason it is so sought out is that you can use it to freeze your enemies.

However, you cannot just walk into a random stage and find it lying around for you to pick it up. It has some easy requirements that you need to meet. Or you can just play as the character that has it as their default weapon. No matter how you obtain it, evolving it is what makes it one of the best. So here is where you can find it and the process of its evolution.

How to Unlock Glass Fandango?

Unlock Glass Fandango In Vampire Survivors
Image Credits: Egg Coffee on YouTube

There are two ways to get Glass Fandango.

  • Play as She-Moon Eeta to get it as her default weapon.
  • Get 20 Orologions to unlock the Whiteout stage.

Here is how they work:

Play as She-Moon

Play As She Moon
Image Credits: Egg Coffee on YouTube

Before you can start playing as her you will first have to unlock her. To do that you need to survive for 20 minutes in the Whiteout stage. Once unlocked simply select her for playing you can use that weapon.

Unlock for other characters

For this method, you have to collect 20 Orologions from any stage. Once you unlock Whiteout, you can play around to get the weapon.

How to Evolve Glass Fandango

How To Evolve Glass Fandango
Image Credits: Egg Coffee on YouTube

To evolve glass Fandango you need to make it reach level 8 and also have Wings of level 5. When you open the treasure chest next you will get its evolution the Celestial Voulge spear.

That’s all on how to unlock and evolve Glass Fandango in Vampire Survivors. If you need more help on other topics of this game check out our other Vampire Survivors guides like how to unlock hyper mode, hurry mode, and defeat Sketamari.