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How To Unlock Hurry Mode In Vampire Survivors

Play Vampire Survivors at a ridiculously faster pace by entering the Hurry Mode. Here's how you can unlock this mode.

Hurry Mode in Vampire Survivors doubles the speed at which the game runs. The playthrough in this mode is insanely speed from the second you step foot in it. At the same time, the gains from different stages are also increased in this mode. However, this feature is not something that is unlocked from the beginning. You must grind for it in the Gallow Tower stage to unlock it. Scroll down to know more about this.

How to Unlock & Play Hurry Mode in Vampire Survivors

As I was saying, Hurry Mode is unlocked once you have obtained a Relic known as Sorceress’ Tears in Vampire Survivors. This Relic is found inside the Gallow Tower, which is the 4th stage that you unlock. So once you are in this stage, look out for a green arrow appearing at the bottom of the screen. That green arrow will lead you toward the Sorceress’ Tears Relic. Just to let you know that the Gallow Tower is unlocked after reaching level 60 in the Dairy Plant stage.

Sorceress' Tears in Gallow Tower Stage of Vampire Survivors

Anyways, the Relic is protected by its guards so you’ll have to defeat them before collecting it. They aren’t much difficult to beat and shouldn’t take more of your time. Also, you can exit the stage in case you want to dive into the Hurry Mode without wasting any time. You can enter the Hurry Mode by selecting it from the Stage Select screen in Vampire Survivors.

The hordes of enemies showing up in the Hurry Mode will be at their peak and show no mercy. But with high risks, there are high rewards. And that’s why in this mode, the increase in speed also increases the XP gain by 25%. This mode is ideal for players who want to enjoy a quick run instead of a tedious 30-minute gameplay.

That’s how you unlock and play Hurry Mode in Vampire Survivors. Now that you know everything about this mode, why don’t you go for the Inverse Mode or Endless Mode? Know how to unlock both of these modes by heading over to our Vampire Survivors section right here at Gamer Tweak. We have stacked up tons of helpful guides for you there.

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