How To Defeat Sketamari In Vampire Survivors

Here's a simple guide on how to defeat Sketamari in Vampire Survivors.

Beating Sketamari in Vampire Survivors is a pain but with the right strategy, you can easily defeat this Bone Ball. In this rogue-like shooter, you aim to survive against hordes of monsters for as long as possible. As time passes by, the monsters get tougher, and their number increases. Progressing through the game unlocks new modes and stages. The Bone Ball is a special boss in the Bone Zone and this guide will tell you how to defeat it

How to Defeat Sketamari (Bone Ball) in Vampire Survivors

Use Spinach Passive Ability to increase Base Damage

As this enemy is located in the Bone Zone, you must first unlock it. To do so, you have to unlock Hyper Mode in any three stages. Once unlocked, you can start the hunt for this big ball of bones. Unlike many monsters, it does not appear as a part of a wave, and you’ll have to find it. To find Sketamari, start heading south of the stage’s center. It constantly moves back and forth in the southern region of the stage.

The worst part about this enemy is its ability to fuse with other monsters. As time goes by, this ball of bones gets bigger and stronger. So the best way to defeat Sketamari in Vampire Survivors is by using a Speed and AOE build. Reach the Bone Ball as fast as possible and collect EXP Gems on the way. You can use these tips to beat it:

  • Choose characters with high Movement Speed stat like the Red Death, Minnah, Gains Boros, and Porta.
  • Red Death is an ideal choice for two reasons. His movement speed will help you reach Sketamari faster. Moreover, his starting weapon “Death Spiral” will keep monsters away. This will stop the Bone Ball from getting bigger.
  • You can also use Leda. Although this is a slow character, it has a high attack power. So that will help you kill Sketamari early.
  • Coming to the passive abilities, get the ones that increase Base Damage like Spinach. Get Empty Tome as well to reduce the Cooldown period. If you aren’t using Red Death, get King Bible, Song of Mana, or Garlic to keep the bone monsters away.

Keep your distance from the Bone Ball and continue hitting it, and you will defeat it in no time. The first time you defeat it, it will drop Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane. You can use it to Cast Spells (Use Cheats).

That’s all you need to defeat Sketamari in Vampire Survivors. For more helpful guides like How to Beat the Bone Zone, make sure you visit GamerTweak.