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Ghost Of Tsushima White Leafed Tree Location: How To Find It

Where to look for the White Leafed tree in Ghost of Tsushima during the Heavenly Strike quest? Find out the exact location here.

Players go on an epic journey as Jin Sakai in Ghost of Tsushima, one that involves exploration of various important locations like shrines, Mongol outposts and more. During the Heavenly Strike side mission, you will be tasked with finding the White Leafed Tree. But where to find it? This guide will show you how to reach this tree location easily.

Where To Find White Leafed Tree in Ghost of Tsushima

white leafed tree location guide

To begin The Heavenly Strike side quest, which will eventually take you to the tree, first talk to the musician. This musician can be found near the Brown River Gorge (south of River Falls Bridge and southwest of Golden Temple). He will tell you the Mythic Tale and the origins of the White Leafed Tree in Ghost of Tsushima.

Now, there will be quite a few objectives that you will have to complete in between. You have to kill enemies in a Mongol camp, go to a watchtower, talk to a woman on the way and more.

To get to the White Leafed Tree in particular, you have to visit the Plum Blossom Shrine. But when you reach the Plum Blossom Shrine gates, you need to follow the path and soon you will encounter some burning wood in your way. Here, take a left, move ahead and climb up.

You will have to climb, jump on tree branches and squeeze through rocks to finally reach the White Tree location. If you are on the right track, you will see the shrine and the White Leafed Tree in Ghost of Tsushima from a distance.

That’s everything to know about how to look for the White Leafed Tree in Ghost of Tsushima. From here, you can unlock the Heavenly Strike in Ghost of Tsushima, so read our handy guide to know how to do it. We have lots more tips and tricks for this game which you must know. Don’t miss our guides on Ghost of Tsushima on GamerTweak.