How to Unlock The Heavenly Strike in Ghost of Tsushima

Heavenly Strike is a deadly combat move in Ghost of Tsushima, it does not come free. You will have to complete a quest to unlock this move in the game.

In this guide, I will help you to unlock Heavenly Strike in Ghost of Tsushima. A move that will help you to slash down your enemies in one blow. Heavenly Strike is a highly lethal move and it is recommended to unlock it soon in the game. But if you are confused about how to get this then here is a guide. The move is a reward for a quest, and to start this quest keep reading this guide.

How to Unlock Heavenly Strike in Ghost of Tsushima?

Heavenly Strike move is a reward for Heavenly Strike Quest. A Quest that involves fighting Mongols, rescuing hostages, and beat a samurai’s gass (safe filter on). After doing all this you have completed Heavenly Strike Quest and you will earn some Legend boost, the combo move, and a sword kit. Follow my instructions below to start with the quest.

  1. Go to the north-east of Komatsu Forge in Rivers Fall Bridges. You will have to find a woman below the bridge.
  2. Talk to the woman to start Heavenly Strike Quest. She will ask you to investigate Yasuhira’s path.
  3. Return to the bridge and look on the opposite side for tracks on the floor.
  4. Check the map for quest marker, press R2, and follow the tracks. From the road, turn left and continue following the tracks. Once again when the road opens up turn right.
  5. You will reach a camp full of Mongols, fight them off and talk to the Villager.
  6. Investigate the watchtower, investigate three items inside it. One is on the right and two are on the left of the tower.
  7. Next search for the white-leafed tree, from the watchtower, head North until you see trial going upward. The same leads to a shrine, and you will find many white-leafed trees. Keep exploring until you hear from Jin and continue to the North towards the new location.
  8. Rescue the hostage from a house and you will have to travel to one more final location after this. Just follow the marker on the map.
  9. It is towards the southwest of your position, roam around until you see fallen trees. Cross it to reach to the other side, and you will face more Mongols.
  10. Investigate the duel ring after defeating the Mongols. Track the footprints and fight the Samurai which is the final part of this quest.

During the fight with Samurai, you will learn the Heavenly Strike Combo Move. Look for the prompt on the screen and press Triangle + Circle. Walk towards the samurai’s body to and press R2 to honor it. This completes the Ghost of Tsushima Heavenly Strike Quest.

You will earn Legend Boost, unlock the lethal combo move, and also Heavenly Falcon sword kit after completing the quest.