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How To Find Mongol Outposts In Ghost Of Tsushima?

Wondering how to locate and find Mongol outposts in Ghost of Tsushima? Read this guide to know some tips.

In Ghost of Tsushima, your main goal is to fight and defeat the Mongol invaders on your land. Since the responsibility lies on your shoulders and you are clearly outnumbered, you need to stealthily find and kill the Mongols in the game. But how do you locate them? Our guide on how to find Mongol Outposts in Ghost of Tsushima will help you out.

Ghost of Tsushima: Mongol Outposts

There are lots of Mongol territories in this game and you need to find and kill the enemies at those locations. Quite a lot of trophies are associated with liberation of the Mongol occupied areas, so if you have your eye on them, here’s what you need to know.

When you check out your map (open it by the pressing Options button), you will see the Mongol outposts are marked in red. Many of these will be displayed as you progress in the story. To liberate some areas, you must visit them and complete the tasks which involves killing all the Mongols there, freeing the hostages etc. This will clear the surrounding fog of war and display points of interest too.

Remember that exploration is a huge part of this open world experience. When you discover new areas, you can find Mongol outposts in Ghost of Tsushima naturally. Ride your horse and begin your exploration to locate them. A nice tactic to spot Mongol outposts in Ghost of Tsushima is to look for some smoke. It indicates that there is a high chance of Mongols being present there. If you see one from afar, you can head into that direction to take them all out with your Samurai skills.

Explore locations and Communicate with others

You can also talk to the hostages who might tell you where another outpost is located. Try the same with characters having a white bubble and you’ll get a clue of the next outpost.

If you are playing on Hard difficulty, things will get tough at these Mongol outposts. That’s because your enemies will be very aggressive and punishing. They will deal a lot of damage and you have to be very accurate to Parry.

That’s everything on how to find Mongol outposts in Ghost of Tsushima. For more tips, read our Ghost of Tsushima guides right away.