How To Get Venom Glands In Palworld

Looking for the Venom Glands to craft the poisonous weapons in Palworld? Collect them through these methods.

Venom Glands are the resources of Palworld, used in some technologies and weapons. Among these weapons, Poison Bow and Arrow are crafted in Primitive Workbench. They have decent damage and durability, making them suitable for dealing with the ranged enemies in the early game. The poison attack weakens the Pals and helps you capture them faster.

This will come in handy when you are trying to catch your first Flying Mount, especially if you are using the Poison Arrow Crossbow with 280 damage. Afterward, you will need it for items like Killamari’s Gloves and Shadowbeak Saddle, so it is best to save these methods and use them whenever the need occurs.

How to Farm Venom Glands in Palworld

How to Farm Venom Glands in Palworld
Fighting Depresso to get Venom Glands in Palworld (Image Credit: shyce WIKI on YouTube)

Venom Glands can be obtained in three ways: through certain Pals, from purchase, and random chests. As the name sounds these are drops of the poisonous opponent, whom you should not mess with unless you have decent HP. Once you get affected by it, you won’t be able to recover health for the time being.

However, not all Pals that give you the items are difficult to deal with. They are found from the early to late game stages; sometimes inside a dungeon, and sometimes roaming peacefully in their habitat. With that said, here are the opponents which drop Venom Glands:

  • Cawgnito
  • Daedream
  • Depresso
  • Helzephyr
  • Killamari
  • Menasting

They are all the Dark element Pals, so you should equip and use the Dragon type against them. The depressing-looking Depresso and floating cute demon-like Daedream are one of the easiest to catch from the list, but only during nighttime. Additionally, both of them have three work suitability, including Handiwork.

Where to Find the Wandering Merchant in Palworld

In the west of the Grassy Behemoth Hill is a Fast Travel point: Small Settlement. You can go there and look for the Wandering Merchant. He will both buy and sell you the goods, so interact with him and check the Item List. The Venom Glands cost 100 Gold. Buy the required amount, and sell him something else if you are low on money.

With this, you can now find and get Venom Glands in Palworld as much as you need. If the guide was interesting and helpful to you, skim through our dedicated section to find more such topics.