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Poes In Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Get & Use It

Poes is an important key item that can be used to obtain several materials in Zelda: TOTK. So, here's how you can get & trade it in-game.

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can use Poes to obtain several materials. Poes are a key item that looks like blue spirit orbs. These glowy key items are often found in groups, so they are hard to miss. Thankfully, these orbs are not aggressive and they won’t cause any damage to Link. For those who are unaware of this game’s mechanics, finding and using Poes can get tricky for them. That being said, here’s how you can find & use Poes.

Where to Find Poes in Zelda TOTK

Poes are only found in the Depths, an underground area in Tears of the Kingdom. To enter the Depths, you must head over to a Chasm – red colored circle on the map. Once near a Chasm, simply just inside and equip your Paraglider to enter the underground world safely.

Poes In Tears Of The Kingdom

Now that you are inside the Depths, do some exploration until you run into some Poes. Unfortunately, there are no fixed locations where you can get them but they are not rare. So after wandering for a minute or two, you should definitely run into a group of Poes. After finding one, get close to it and press ‘A’ to take it and store it in your Inventory.

How to Use Poes in Tears of the Kingdom

You can offer Poes to Bargainer Statues to get some materials in Tears of the Kingdom. It is just like praying to Goddess Statue & offering her Light of Blessings to get more Health & Stamina for Link. The very first Bargainer Statue is located near the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower. So, Fast Travel there and take a left turn to interact with a Bargainer Statue. The exact coordinates for this Bargainer Statue are (-0253, 0141, 0020).

Poes In Tears Of The Kingdom

You can trade the Poes in exchange for the following items in Tears of the Kingdom.

  • Dark Clump
    • Cost: 150 Poes
  • Bomb Flower
    • Cost: 16 Poes
  • Puffshroom
    • Cost: 16 Poes
  • Muddle Bud
    • Cost: 16 Poes
  • Dark Clump
    • Cost: 10 Poes

As of now, the Bargainer Statue only offers these 5 materials in exchange for Poes in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. We will update this section after getting more information on the topic. You can always check back later for more.

Make sure to trade the right materials in exchange for Poes from the Bargainer Statue in Tears of the Kingdom. Also, now that you are here, why don’t you check out our Zelda TOTK section which is filled with such interesting topics?