Goddess Statue Locations In Tears Of The Kingdom (TOTK)

Aniket Maurya
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Goddess Statues are found in multiple locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. When you visit a Goddess Statue, you can interact and offer a Light of Blessing to get more Hearts & Stamina for Link. If you remember, you are introduced to the Goddess Statue while completing the Shrines on the Great Sky Island earlier in the game. Well, besides the Sky Island, there are almost a dozen of them present in Hyrule Surface too. To help you out in finding them, here are the locations for all the Goddess Statues

Where to Find Goddess Statues in Zelda TOTK (All Locations)

Goddess Statue Locations In Tears Of The Kingdom
Goddess Statue in Emergency Shelter (Lookout Landing)

As of now, there are only total 12 Goddess Statues available on the surface overworld of Hyrule. Here’s where you can find them on the map:

  • Goddess Statue #1
    • Location: The Temple of Time on the Great Sky Island
  • Goddess Statue #2
    • Location: Emergency Shelter in Lookout Landing region
  • Goddess Statue #3
    • Location: Rito Village in Tabantha region
  • Goddess Statue #4
    • Location: Zora’s Domain in the Lanayru region
  • Goddess Statue #5
    • Location: Goron City in Eldin region
  • Goddess Statue #6
    • Location: Gerudo Town in Gerudo Desert
  • Goddess Statue #7
    • Location: Lurelin Village in Faron region
  • Goddess Stamina #8
    • Location: Tarrey Town in the Akkala region
  • Goddess Statue #9
    • Location: Link’s Safe House in Tarrey Town
  • Goddess Statue #10
    • Location: Hateno Village in Hateno region
  • Goddess Statue #11
    • Location: Kakariko Village between West Necluda Lanayru Wetlands
  • Goddess Statue #12
    • Location: Korok Forest in the Woodland region

The above numerical markings do not justify the sequence of the Goddess Statues in Tears of the Kingdom. Thankfully, you can visit any statue irrespective of their order.

How to Use Light of Blessings

Goddess Statue Locations In Tears Of The Kingdom
Image Soure: WoW Quests (YouTube)

Here’s how you can use the Light of Blessing in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

  • Head over to any of the above-mentioned Goddess Statues in-game.
  • Get closer and press the ‘A’ button to Pray.
  • After that, you need to choose any one option between Heart Container & Stamina Vessel.
  • Select any you want to improve by offering 4 Light of Blessings to the Goddess Statue in Tears of the Kingdom.

Now that you know both the use of Light of Blessings & locations of the Goddess Statue, make sure to max up Link’s Health & Stamina. Also, you would like to know about gaining Health via Cooking in Zelda TOTK. So make sure to check out our guide on it.