Pet Simulator 99: How To Get Titanic Corgi Pet

Looking to unlock the Titanic Corgi Pet in Pet Simulator 99? Our guide will help you understand how you can get this exclusive pet.

Pet Simulator 99 is filled with multiple exciting features. However, one of the key aspects of the game are the pets. Here, you can unlock a plethora of unique and special pets. They will accompany you while exploring and help you farm and collect all the different items you need to level up in the game. You can use their help to get coins, enchants, and diamonds and they will even inflict critical hits on objects.

Although you will have to grind to collect most of them, players are wondering how they can get the Titanic Corgi Pet, which available for a limited time. Therefore, here’s your guide on how you can unlock this exclusive pet.

How to Get Titanic Corgi Pet in Pet Simulator 99

Get Titanic Corgi Pet by purchasing the Exclusive Emoji Egg in Pet Simulator 99
Get Titanic Corgi Pet by purchasing the Exclusive Emoji Egg in Pet Simulator 99 (Image – mayrushart on YouTube)

Firstly, before you can get the Titanic Corgi Pet, you will have to make sure you have enough Robux to spend. Now, you will have to go to the in-game Exclusive Shop. You will then have to purchase the Exclusive Emoji Egg. Here’s how many Eggs you will get for the Robux you are willing to spend:

  • 1 Exclusive Emoji Egg – 400 Robux
  • 3 Exclusive Emoji Eggs – 1200 Robux
  • 10 Exclusive Emoji Eggs – 3200 Robux

However, keep in mind that even after you have spent your Robux and hatched the Egg, the chances of you getting a Titanic Corgi Pet are very slim. Here is a list of all the pets you can get from these Exclusive Emoji Eggs and the chances of getting them.

  • Emoji Cat – 50% chance
  • Emoji Dog – 35% chance
  • Emoji Monkey – 13% chance
  • Huge Emoji Cat – 1.25% chance
  • Huge Emoji Monkey – 0.7% chance
  • Titanic Emoji Corgi – 0.05% chance

As mentioned above, there is a very small chance of you obtaining the Emoji Pet you desire. However, if you really want to own this pet, you must consider purchasing the Lucky! game pass from the Exclusive Shop. You will have to spend 275 Robux to get this and it will help increase your chances of getting rare pets from the Eggs you hatch.

Additionally, if you are willing to spend 800 Robux, the better option would be to purchase Ultra Lucky! from the Exclusive Shop, because as the name suggests, you will be able to considerably boost your Egg luck and get the Titanic Corgi Pet.

This is everything you need to know if you want to get the Titanic Corgi Pet in Pet Simulator 99. If you are looking for more informational guides, check out how you can rank up fast and how you can make enchantment loadouts, here on Gamer Tweak.