How To Get Strongman Simulator The Hunt: First Edition Badge

Looking for ways to get The Hunt: First Edition badge of the Roblox Strongman Simulator? Here’s all you have to do.

Getting The Hunt Badge in the Strongman Simulator requires you to finish specific quests. They differ from the easy to hard and have no alternatives. If you have been playing the game for a while you might have already found the board that lists the quest, but if you haven’t, no need to worry, as this tells the location. With that said, let us wait no longer and start the hunt.

How to Get The Hunt Badge in Roblox Strongman Simulator

How to Get the Hunt Badge in Roblox Strongman Simulator
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Players get The Hunt Badge of the Strongman Simulator by completing three quests. As you might already have guessed these tasks involve completing the obby. Like how you tied and dragged feather and duck to the finish line, you have to drag three different kinds of eggs to their finish lines without letting them touch the purple glowing boxes, or they will break, and you have to restart:

Easy Egg

Strongman Simulator
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  • To take the first egg, turn around from where you spawned and walk till you reach the feather start line.
  • From there, take the right and walk straight till you see the text “Drag Me To The End!“. Just below the text is a monster-like egg with eyes. Use ” Grab Easy Egg” to tie it. You will see the quest board on the left side.
  • Go straight and enter the obby.
  • This one has stationary purple boxes, so you just have to carefully turn and jump to clear it in a few attempts.

Medium Egg

Strongman Simulator Medium Egg The Hunt
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  • As soon as you cross the finish line of the Easy Egg, you will see arrows on the wall pointing towards a direction.
  • Follow them, and you will find the next Medium Egg.
  • Grab that and go into the maze-like obby. This one has moving purple boxes, so it will be more complicated than the previous one.
  • Slowly make your way to the finish line and complete the quest.

Hard Egg

Strongman Simulator Hard Egg The Hunt
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  • You will see a tunnel in front of the Medium Egg finish line. Walk inside until you find the glowing egg.
  • Grab and start the minigame. At this stage, the purple boxes move faster than in the previous quest, so you have to be very careful.
  • As you reach the end, you will see that the quest board has all the quests ticked right.
  • On the bottom-right corner, a notification will pop up saying Badge Awarded.

As The Hunt: First Edition rewards you with free items with a certain number of badges, it is worth investing time in The Hunt Badge in Strongman Simulator. However, if you want something simpler for them, you can refer to our fast badge guide and Slap Battles badge.