Roblox The Hunt 2024: How To Get All Free Rewards

Looking to collect all the free rewards that the Hunt: First Edition has to offer in Roblox? This guide will help you with all you will need.

Roblox brings back its unique event, The Hunt and players would want to fork up as many free items as they can. The Hunt is one of its most hyped events and there are numerous players who already trying their hand at the games available. If you are wondering how to get all free Rewards in The Hunt, this guide is all you will need.

Players can enter The Hunt Hub and participate in numerous games and while they do that, they will need to meet requirements and unlock the rewards. Once you meet those requirements, you can head to the First Edition Hub and redeem the rewards that you are entitled to. We have listed out all the rewards and how you can get them in the game.

How to Get All Free Rewards in The Hunt 2024

How to Get All Free Rewards in The Hunt First Edition
Image via Roblox

Players will have to take part in the 80 games featured in the First Edition Hub and complete the quests to get the rare badges. Once you have enough badges, return to the First Edition Hub to get your free rewards. Here’s the complete list to get all free rewards in The Hunt First Edition:

  • Vault Holo-Compass – Earn 5 Badges
  • Infinite Holo-pendant – Earn 5 Badges (Gold Track)
  • Staff of the Vault Explorer – Earn 20 Badges
  • Infinite Holo-scepter – Earn 20 Badges (Gold Track)
  • Vault Explorer’s Wings – Earn 40 Badges
  • Infinite Hunter’s Wings – Earn 40 Badges (Gold Track)
  • Vault Explorer’s Cowl – Earn 60 Badges
  • Infinite Hunter’s Hood – Earn 60 Badges (Gold Track)
  • Vault Explorer’s Crown – Earn 95 Badges
  • Infinite Hunter’s Crown – Earn 95 Badges (Gold Track)
  • Vault Star Headphones – Meet a Video Star in The Hub

That’s all you will need for all free rewards in the Hunt First Edition. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other Roblox guides in our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.