How To Earn Badges Fast In Roblox The Hunt 2024

Looking for the fastest ways to get Badges in The Hunt: First Edition? Here’s everything you need to know so that you can claim all your rewards.

Roblox The Hunt: First Edition 2024 has begun and will end on March 29, 2024, at 5 pm ET. During this time, Roblox fans can take advantage of all the 100 experiences and collect as many Badges as possible. However, these Badges can be earned once you have completed certain quests or met particular requirements.

Once you have collected them, you can exchange these badges for rewards and unique prizes. Similarly, to efficiently earn Badges fast in Roblox The Hunt, players should know the experiences worth their time and energy. Therefore, here’s a list of all the games you should attempt to play.

How to Get Badges Fast in The Hunt: First Edition

How To Get Badges Fast In The Hunt First Edition
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You can review this list of experiences and learn how to quickly claim your Badges in the Roblox The Hunt event.

Easiest Badges to Collect First in Roblox The Hunt

  • Legends of Speed
    • Badge Name – The Hunt
    • Objective – Get 3,000 steps
  • Metro Life
    • Badge Name – METRO HUNTER
    • Objective – Collect 10 blue glowing orbs.
  • Natural Disasters Survival
    • Badge Name – The Hunt: Lost Clocks
    • Objective – Collect 3 clocks.
  • My Hello Kitty Cafe
    • Badge Name –100 Customers Event Badge
    • Objective – Serve 100 customers.
  • Bike of Hell
    • Badge Name – Velocity Vanguard
    • Objective – Once the Hunt race is activated, complete it.
  • Mega Hide and Seek!
    • Badge Name – Completed The Hunt!
    • Objective – Win two rounds.
  • Football Fusion 2
    • Badge Name – Completed the hunt event
    • Objective – Play one game: Attempt a catch and make a tackle.
  • Super League Soccer
    • Badge Name – The Hunt
    • Objective – Complete 2 matches of soccer.
  • Catalog Avatar Creator
    • Badge Name – Completed The Hunt! | Brought to you by e.l.f UP!
    • Objective – Join the experience.
  • Escape Running Head
    • Badge Name – The Hunt
    • Objective – Collect the star at the end of Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3.
  • Blade Ball
    • Badge Name – THE HUNT: First Edition
    • Objective – Play 5 games, Block the ball 30 times, and eliminate 3 players.
  • Brookhaven
    • Badge Name – The Hunt (Brookhaven) 2024
    • Objective – Collect 20 eggs.
  • Snowboard Obby
    • Badge Name – The Hunt Badge
    • Objective – Join the experience and stay in it for 15 minutes.
  • My Restaurant
    • Badge Name – The Hunt: First Edition
    • Objective – Serve 100 customers.

List of Badges in Roblox The Hunt: First Edition

Badge NameExperience Objective 
Honor to Mr. Egg3008Partake in Mr. Egg’s Objective Consumer Program.
Futuremetal EggA Wolf Or OtherFind and escape with the Futuremetal Egg.
Adopt Me! – The Hunt: First EditionAdopt Me!Help Tom find the missing Time Machine cogs.
Slayed BunnyAll Star Tower DefenseDefeat the Golden Bunny in Story Mode Mission 1, Wave 10.
Go to the Time Machine in the Science Room and get a C or higher in the Rhythm Minigame.Anime Dimensions – The HuntComplete 2 Dimensions.
Completed The HuntArm Wrestle SimulatorFind Benji’s Key.
Operation: InfiltrationArsenalComplete Operation: Infiltration
Different Realities – The HuntAstro RenaissanceFind all 12 shards in the rifts and restore the core.
BSHS The Hunt Quest | Brought to you by e.l.f. UP!Go to the Time Machine in the Science Room and get a C or higher in the Rhythm Minigame.Go in the Time Machine in the Science Room and get a C or higher in the Rhythm Minigame.
The Hunt: First EditionMega Mansion TycoonBuy 80 upgrades, then open the book at the spawn area.
The Hunt: First EditionMy RestaurantServe 100 customers.
The Hunt: Lost ClocksNatural Disaster SurvivalHelp the time traveler come home safely by finding clocks in each of the maps. Survive the disasters and give the 3 clocks to the time traveler to complete the quest.
100 Customers Event BadgeMy Hello Kitty CafeServe 100 customers.
The Frozen HuntClub RobloxComplete all the puzzles in Duck Corp.
Toilet Tower Defense x The Hunt: First EditionToilet Tower DefenseFind 15 eggs hidden around the game.
[HUNT] Survive Until MergeTotal Roblox DramaSurvive until the Merge.
TimePiggyEscape the exclusive map.
The Hunt EventRB Battles Minigames!Win a minigame or play three consecutive rounds, travel through time, and choose one of two minigames, a fighting minigame or a rhythm minigame.

List of Prizes You Can Claim in Roblox The Hunt

Prize NameObjective 
The Hunt: First Edition T-shirtJoin the game
First-Edition Hunt PinTBA
Vault Holo-compassEarn 5 badges
Infinite Holo-pendantEarn 5 badges with gold track
Staff of the Vault ExplorerEarn 20 badges
Infinite Holo-scepterEarn 20 badges with gold track
Vault Explorer’s WingsEarn 40 badges
Infinite Hunter’s WingsEarn 40 badges with gold track
Vault Explorer’s CowlEarn 60 badges
Infinite Hunter’s HoodEarn 60 badges with gold track
Vault Explorer’s CrownEarn 95 badges
Infinite Hunter’s CrownEarn 95 badges with gold track
Vault Star HeadphonesCollect headphones dropped by a video star

We have covered everything you need to know if you are looking to earn Badges fast in Roblox The Hunt: First Edition. You can also check out all the The Hunt Games and how you can collect The Hunt Badge in Slap Battles, here on Gamer Tweak.