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Ark Fjordur – How To Get & Tame Fenrir

Check out our guide on how to tame Fenrir in ARK Survival Fjordur.

If you follow some Norse myths, you would know Fenrir from the Ragnarok. The recent expansion map of Fjordur marks the introduction of the wolf, Fenrir into Ark. Although most of the creatures in the ecosystem can be hunted, they can also be tamed. But can this wild wolf be tamed? Yes! So, here’s our guide on how to tame Fenrir in ARK Survival Fjordur.

How to Get And Tame Fenrir in ARK Survival Fjordur


You need to defeat the wolf, Fenrir to get it as a reward and tame it. But there are several steps to defeating it. Follow these steps to get to Fenrir:

  • Defeat all the alpha bosses in the Fjordur expansion to get the Runestones.
  • Once you have gathered enough, use 90 Runestones to summon three mini-bosses.

how to tame fenrir ark survival


  • You need to use 30 Runestones to summon each of the bosses. Here are the mini-bosses that you need to defeat:
    • Hati and Skoll
    • Steinbjorn
    • Beyla
  • After you defeat these bosses, you will get relics to summon the island bosses. Here are all the island bosses that need to be defeated:
    • Dragon (Hati and Skoll’s relic)
    • Megapithecus (Steinbjorn’s relic)
    • Broodmother (Beyla’s relic)
  • Upon defeating these above bosses, you will get their trophies according to the portals.
  • If you generate an Alpha portal to defeat these bosses, you get an Alpha trophy.
  • You can use these trophies to generate a portal to Fenrisulfr or Fenrir. The minimum survivor levels to generate a portal are as follows.:
    • Gamma Portal to Fenrir: Minimum Survivor level 55
    • Beta Portal to Fenrir: Minimum Survivor level 75
    • Alpha Portal to Fenrir: Minimum Survivor level 100

The portals also determine the difficulty modes. You can generate any of the portals to teleport over there. Once you defeat the Fenrir, you will get a Fenrir inside the Cryopod, several elements, a Fenrirsulfr flag, and a trophy.

Similar to all the creatures, you need to feed creatures to complete the taming process. The bigger creatures you feed, the faster Fenrir’s taming process will be complete.


That’s all on how to get and tame Fenrir in ARK Survival Fjordur. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on how to teleport between realms, how to get and use Sanguine Elixir, and how to tame Andrewsarchus in ARK Survival Fjordur right here on Gamer Tweak.