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ARK Runestones – How To Get & Use

Check out our guide on how to get and use Rune Stones in ARK Survival Evolved.

ARK Survival Evolved is an action-adventure videogame set up in the prehistoric era. But with prehistoric times, also features some monsters and creatures. With the new Fjordur expansion map, there are several changes and new creatures added to the universe. While you have used the Runestones to enter the Cave terminals, the new expansion changes that. But how to get your hands on these ancient stones? Check out our guide on how to get and use Runestones in Ark Survival Evolved.

How to Get Runestones in the Ark Survival Evolved


You can get these stones by defeating the alpha bosses scattered throughout the map. As you target the enemy, you can notice the word “alpha” next to their names. You need to defeat and kill these bosses to get the Runestones. You can get more stones by defeating the bosses in harder difficulty modes. If you want to skip the hassles, you can also search for these stones in skin chests and caves. But defeating the alpha bosses is the best possible way.

In addition to the Runestones, you also get the Tek engrams for defeating the alpha bosses. You can use these engrams to craft different weapons and gear.

ark survival evolved get use runestones
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How to Use Runestones

With the new Fjordur update, you can use the Runestones to summon the new mini-bosses. Three mini-bosses can be summoned using the Runestones. Here are the following mini-bosses:

  • Hati and Skoll
  • Steinbjorn
  • Beyla


As you defeat these bosses, you will earn relics or trophies. Once you have defeated the above mini-bosses, you can generate a portal to the different island bosses. Defeat the island bosses to get the trophies to generate a portal to summon the alpha boss, Fenrir.

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