Anime Last Stand: How To Get Speedwagon Unit (Speedcart)

Are you looking to get help from the Speedwagon Foundation in Anime Last Stand? Here is how you can unlock him.

Robert E.O. Speedwagon was introduced in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in Part 1 of the series. Since then, the SPW Foundation has played a big part in the series to help the Joestar lineage in their times of need. So, if you can get Speedwagon or Speedcart, as his name is in Anime Last Stand, you can expect the same treatment from him. He is a farm unit, and you can place him to rack up on cash quickly, which also helps you upgrade your other units.

How to Get Speedwagon in Anime Last Stand (ALS)

Anime Last Stand Get Speedwagon Speedcart And Stats
Image Credits: KuraKura Gaming on YouTube. Speedcart stats in Anime Last Stand.

You have to make summons from Banner 2 to get Speedcart in ALS.

  1. To unlock the game’s second banner, start by completing Act 6 of Hollow Dimension. You can play on any difficulty.
  2. Since Speedcart is a Mythic unit in the second banner, it has a 1% drop chance. This is better than Banner 1, which has a drop chance of 0.5% for them.
  3. The cost does increase, though, as 1 summon costs 75 Emeralds. So 10x summons becomes 750.
  4. As for its pity system, in Banner 2, 100 summons grants a Mythic unit.

If possible, you should try to go for the best Waifu because she drops more money because she can upgrade one more time.

Speedcart Stats in ALS

Much like Best Waifu, the range isn’t of much use for Speedcart. Speedwagon also doesn’t deal any damage, when you deploy him you get 350 money per wave and at max level, you get 15.5K money. Here are his stats:

  • Upgrade 0
    • Deployment Cost: 600
    • Money farmed: 350 Per Wave
  • Upgrade 1
    • Cost: 1.5K
    • Money farmed: 750 Per Wave
  • Upgrade 2
    • Cost: 2.25K
    • Money farmed: 1.5K Per Wave
  • Upgrade 3
    • Cost: 2.29K
    • Money farmed: 2.1K Per Wave
  • Upgrade 4
    • Cost: 3.8K
    • Money farmed: 3.65K Per Wave
  • Upgrade 5
    • Cost: 4.75K
    • Money farmed: 4.5K Per Wave
  • Upgrade 6
    • Cost: 7.95K
    • Money farmed: 6.5K Per Wave
  • Upgrade 7
    • Cost: 12.5K
    • Money farmed: 10K Per Wave
  • Upgrade 8
    • Cost: 17.5K
    • Money: 15.5K Per Wave

That is all you need to know to get Speedcart (Speedwagon) in Anime Last Stand. If you are looking for more units, check our guides on unlocking Angel, Boat, and evolve Flash.