How To Get The Best Waifu In Anime Last Stand

Want to get the best Waifu in Anime Last Stand? Nope, it isn’t Nami or Robin, but someone from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Yes! it is none other than the girl based on Speedwagon!

When you are playing Anime Last Stand you have plenty of units to choose from. But the one unit that you should absolutely get is Best Waifu. While very strong units like Angel exist, Best Waifu, not be confused with Speedcart based on Robert E.O. Speedwagon is a grind unit in ALS that works great as a money farm. The interesting part is the developer has changed his character model and him a female character. But let us not digress here is how you can unlock her.

How to Unlock Best Waifu Secret Unit in Anime Last Stand

How To Get Best Waifu In Anime Last Stand
Image Credits: Blam Spot on YouTube. Best Waifu farming money in Anime Last Stand.

You can get Best Waifu by either playing the Planet Namek Act 6 of the Story Mode or by using the AFK Time Chamber. Sadly, this is as much as it gets for the information available on how you can get her. Currently, the drop percentage or chances aren’t clear for her. That means it can take you hours of grinding no matter which route you choose to go. This is especially true since this isn’t a rare or epic Unit but an Exotic Unit.

The best approach that you can try is to play the Story Mode Planet Namek Act 6 when you are available to play the game. Once you are ready to take a break, go AFK in the Time Chamber. Keep switching between these two tricks and eventually, you should be able to unlock her.

Best Waifu Stats in ALS

The reason you should get her is because she is possibly the best farm unit in the game right now. Upon deploying she gives you 350 money per wave but at max level 9 she gives you 32K per wave. The range remains the same no matter your upgrade level. Here are her stats:

  • Upgrade 0
    • Deployment Cost: 600
    • Money farmed: 350 Per Wave
  • Upgrade 1
    • Cost: 1500
    • Money farmed: 750 Per Wave
  • Upgrade 2
    • Cost: 2250
    • Money farmed: 1500 Per Wave
  • Upgrade 3
    • Cost: 2950
    • Money farmed: 2100 Per Wave
  • Upgrade 4
    • Cost: 3800
    • Money farmed: 3650 Per Wave
  • Upgrade 5
    • Cost: 4750
    • Money farmed: 4500 Per Wave
  • Upgrade 6
    • Cost: 7950
    • Money farmed: 6500 Per Wave
  • Upgrade 7
    • Cost: 12500
    • Money farmed: 10000 Per Wave
  • Upgrade 8
    • Cost: 17500
    • Money: 15500 Per Wave
  • Upgrade 9
    • Cost: 30000
    • Money: 32000 Per Wave

That is all for how you can get the Best Waifu in Anime Last Stand. While you are here also check our guides for its Trello & Discord links and Codes.