How To Get Angel In Anime Last Stand

Wondering how you can get your hands on one of the best Exotic units in the game? Here is what you can do to get Angel in Anime Last Stand.

When you are playing a tower defense game like Anime Last Stand, you will want to have as many strong units in your team as possible, and what better unit in the game than Angel to go for? Fans of the Overlord series can easily recognize her as Albedo. What really makes her the one that you should get is her AoE attack capabilities and huge damage output. So below is the method you can use to unlock her in ALS:

How to Get Albedo Angel in Anime Last Stand

How To Get Angel In Anime Last Stand
Image Credits: luckylof!. Angel base stats in Anime Last Stand.

You need to get Portals of Tiers 4, 5, or Secret Tier to have a chance at her. If this all sounds confusing then worry not here is the full process for it:

  1. Start by changing your game’s difficulty to Nightmare (Infinite mode) and defeat bosses. They have a 10% to 20% chance of dropping Portals. This means that after defeating nearly 10 bosses you should get at least one Tier 1 Portal.
  2. Now, use your Tier 1 Portal and make your way up to Tier 4. You need to complete them to be able to receive Angel as a drop. The higher the Tier the better. Here is the probability of you getting Angel from these Tiers:
    • Tier 4: 3% chance to get Angel.
    • Tier 5: 4% chance to get Angel.
    • Secret Tier: 5% chance to get Angel.
  3. In case you are running out of Portals then you can help your friends or other players to also have a chance of receiving them as drops.
  4. Keep farming them and eventually, you should be able to unlock her.

That is all for how you can get Angel in Anime Last Stand. Since you are interested in this game don’t forget to check our other guides for it on how to get Cursed Fingers, Yuta, Dragon Empress, and how to reset skill tree.