How To Get Red Dragon Empress In Anime Last Stand (ALS)

Challenge and clear different modes faster with the Red Dragon Empress in Anime Last Stand.

While looking for the Cursed Child Yuta, you would have probably heard about another secret unit, Red Dragon Empress in Anime Last Stand. Though you wouldn’t find her in the summon, she is clearly one of the best fighters you can equip during Infinite mode. If you have been watching anime for decades, you must have already recognized who she is from her appearance, but if you haven’t, then you should know that the design is based on Rias Gremory from High School DxD.

Obtaining this exotic unit is going to be difficult without knowing where to search for it. But since you have made your way here, you don’t need to worry about that. Here, we have given all the ways and rates to win this character.

Where to Find and Get Red Dragon Empress in Anime Last Stand

Red Dragon Empress in Anime Last Stand
Get Red Dragon Empress through Tier 5 and Secret portals (Image Credit: Lord Seven Official on YouTube)

You get Red Dragon Empress from portals of ALS. Her drop rate is pretty low, and she so far has only been obtained from the Tier 5 and Secret Portal. Tier 5 portal has a 3% chance of dropping this unit, and Secret portal drop rate is 4%. While you are grinding for her there, you also have the chance of obtaining Fallen One, Lightning Queen, Boat, and Lovely Arrancar.

How to Get Tier 5 and Secret Portal in ALS

Tier 5 portals are dropped in the Tier 4 portals and have a 70% drop rate. They are also dropped in Tier 5 and Secret Portal, where the first one has a 90% and the second has a 10% chance. On the other hand, Secret portals only drop in Tier 5 and have just a 0.2% drop rate. Regardless of that, it is best to keep grinding for these portals and unlock the ones for Rias Gremory and other exotic units they are offering.

Since you are going to challenge high-level portals for Red Dragon Empress in Anime Last Stand, you should evolve Gojo with the Spirit Shards and clear the waves and bosses faster.