Palworld Sparkit Location & Breeding Guide

Learn all about Sparkit, the electric elemental type pal suitable for Handiwork, Transporting and Generating Electricity, from where to find and catch it to how to breed the pal.

For players looking for an electric elemental-type pal with more than decent work suitability for their base, then there is no need to look further than Sparkit in Palworld as it fits the bill perfectly. This bipedal cat-like pal has one of the best passive abilities that you will come across in the game. And since it has work proficiencies in Handiwork, Transporting, and Generating Electricity, you can count it as one of the active members on your base doing most of the work. However, taking care of all your pals is necessary.

We would suggest that before heading out to catch the electric pal, make sure that you have enough Pal Spheres at your disposal. In this guide, we will explain to you where you can find Sparkit in Palworld on the Palpagos islands and how you can breed the electric elemental pal.

Where to Find Sparkit in Palworld

Sparkit Location In Palworld
Find Sparkit In Desolate Church Area Near Windswept Hills (Image Source: Pocketpair on YouTube)

Players will come across Sparkit in Palworld in the Twilight Dunes and Windswept Hills area on the Palpagos islands. If you are looking for a more precise location, then you might stumble upon many of them in the Desolate Church area in Windswept Hill or the desert area in Twilight Dunes.

Additionally, you will also be able to get the electric elemental pal from an Electric Egg in the game. These eggs are scattered across different locations on the map and you will be able to interact with them accordingly. If you haven’t come across any electric egg, then worry not, because you can always breed some pals together to get Sparkit.

How to Catch Sparkit in Palworld

How To Catch Sparkit In Palworld
Sparkit Is Weak Against Ground Elemental Type Pals (Image Source: Pocketpair on YouTube)

As mentioned before, make sure that you have enough pal spheres at your disposal especially if you are looking to breed the pal. Since Sparkit is one of the electric elemental pals that you will stumble upon, they are usually weak to ground elemental-type pals. So if you have someone like Digtoise, Warsect, Anubis, or early pals like Gumoss, Fuddler, etc, then you will find it easy to catch the electric cat in Palworld.

However, you will need to make sure that you don’t drain its health to its absolute lowest, so we would recommend using pals like Gumoss in the game. That said, once you get the pal to lower health, simply catch the Sparkit with the Pal Spheres in your inventory.

How to Breed Sparkit in Palworld

Sparkit Breeding Guide In Palworld
There Are Several Breeding Combinations For Sparkit (Image Source: Pocketpair on YouTube)

There are several different breeding combinations that you can try to get Sparkit in Palworld. The easiest way would be to get two Sparkits and breed them and once the egg hatches, you will have another Sparkit at your base. However, you might want also find some of these combinations to be more helpful:

  • Sparkit + Sparkit
  • Sparkit + Flambelle
  • Lamball + Pengullet
  • Fuack + Teafant
  • Jolthog + Cremis
  • Jolthog + Vixy
  • Chikipi + Bristla
  • Foxparks + Hangyu
  • Lifmunk + Hoocrates
  • Foxparks + Hangyu Cryst
  • Cattiva + Jolthog Cryst
  • Mau + Tocotoco
  • Jolthog Cryst + Cremis

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