How To Receive Souvenirs In Pokemon GO? – Boost Affection Level

Souvenirs are items given by Buddy Pokemon after reaching a certain Affection Level. In this guide you can find in detail on how to get Souvenirs and what to do with them.

Souvenirs are interesting gifts from your Pokemon Buddy. They are special items and can be unlocked only if you reach a certain Affection Level. This guide will help you with how to receive and use Souvenirs in Pokemon Go. And also on how to unlock or boost Affection Level with your Pokemon Buddy?

How to Receive Souvenirs in Pokemon GO?

how to get souvenirs in pokemon go
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Increase your Buddy level to Ultra in Pokemon Go to start getting Souvenirs from your Pokemon. There are around four different Buddy Levels. Souvenirs are unlocked as you reach Affection Level 3. The 4 Buddy levels are:

  1. Good Buddy – x1 Affection Heart
  2. Great Buddy – x70 Affection Hearts
  3. Ultra Buddy – x150 Affection Hearts
  4. Best Buddy – x300 Affection Hearts

How to Earn or Unlock Affection Hearts in Pokemon Go?

Affection hearts can be earned by doing various activities like walking, playing, battling, and more with your buddy Pokemon. Depending on your Buddy’s mood you can earn anywhere between 10 to 20 hearts a day. So the maths is clear here, you will have to earn around 150 Affection Hearts to upgrade your Buddy to Ultra.

After you reach the Ultra buddy level, Your buddy will randomly give you a Souvenir. You can collect them in a similar fashion to how you claim your presents. But unlike the presents, you cannot use them like consumables. You will typically receive 1 Souvenir a week. Each Souvenir is connected to your Buddy, so switching a buddy will show you a separate collection for your new buddy.

Pokemon GO Souvenirs List

  • Beach Glass
  • Snowy Pinecone
  • Flower Fruits
  • Pretty Leaf
  • Skipping Stone
  • Small Bouquet
  • Torn Ticket
  • Cactus Fruit
  • Lone Earring
  • Mushroom
  • Marble
  • Chalky Stone
  • Tropical Flower
  • Stretchy Spring
  • Tropical Shell

How to Use Souvenirs in Pokemon Go?

Souvenirs are a kind of Collectible Item in Pokemon Go. Just tap on anyone in your inventory to check out its description.  Aside from that it serves no other purpose. But the good thing is you don’t need to expand your bag storage for keeping them.

While Souvenirs might not be of much use, you should get yourself the Coin Bag. You can use it to get yourself Gimmighoul. And for more help on this game check out our Pokemon GO section.