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How To Play With Your Buddy In Pokemon Go?

Playing with Buddy helps to increase the bond with them. You can feed and play with them in AR by walking around. It is an interesting thing to try out in Pokemon Go.

In Pokemon Go, you can select a Pokemon to be your Buddy after reaching level 2. Once you have chosen your Buddy, you can interact and play with it to strengthen the bond. Doing so will level it up and grant you some special buffs. There are several playful activities you can do to make your Pokemon Buddy happy. But the game does not explain much about it. So check out this guide to know how to play with your Buddy in Pokemon Go along with its various moods.

How to Play with A Buddy & Earn Hearts Points in Pokemon Go?

You need to pick a Buddy in order to play with it. You can pick one by tapping on the Trainer avatar in the bottom left. From there, you can select and swap Buddy anytime you want it. Once you have picked a Buddy, you will receive a free candy by walking with it. Now that you have selected a suitable Buddy in Pokemon Go, here’s how you can play with it.

  • Click on its avatar in the bottom left (next to your profile avatar).
  • Further, you need to click on the Play button to enter the AR Mode.
  • After that, tap on the screen to place the Buddy anywhere in the world.
  • You can then play with it by tapping on it, feeding it, or taking a snapshot of it.

How To Play With Your Buddy In Pokemon Go

How to Get a Buddy in Pokemon Go?

You earn hearts each time you play with your Buddy in Pokemon Go. In general, Buddy has 7 Moods which are listed below.

  • Tired
  • Dull
  • Normal
  • Happy
  • Smile
  • Fun
  • Excited

Making your Buddy feel Excited will help you earn double hearts and get candies faster. To level up your Buddy to an Excited Mood, you need to earn a total of 32 points. Here’s how many points you can earn by playing and doing other activities with your Buddy in Pokemon Go.

  • Visit new location – Earn 1 Point
  • Feed your Buddy – Earn 1 Point
  • Tap on your Buddy – Earn 1 Point
  • Take a Snapshot – Earn 1 Point
  • Walk 1.25 Miles with your Buddy – Earn 3 Points
  • Open a Souvenir – Earn 3 Points
  • Visit a location unlocked by your Buddy – Earn 3 Points

Other than walking, performing each action will trigger a 30-minute cooldown.

That is pretty much everything you can do to play with your Buddy in Pokemon Go. Since you are here, why not learn a bit about the Lucky Friends Status in Pokemon Go?