Lucky Friends Status In Pokemon Go: How To Get It

Here's all about how you can become Lucky Friends with other trainers in Pokemon Go easily.

Now you can not only become a Good, Great, Ultra, or Best but also Lucky Friends with fellow trainers in Pokemon Go. Just like other friendship statuses it also has various buffs that you can take advantage of. However, achieving the lucky level of friendship is not that easy and might take a while. If you are looking forward to getting the Lucky Friends in the game, then we are here to help. Below are all the requirements you’ll have to fulfill to get this status easily.

How Can I Become Lucky Friends with Other Players in Pokemon Go

How To Get Lucky Friends Status In Pokemon Go
Picture Credits: Jonno Plays

In Pokemon Go, only the players with Best Friend status can become Lucky Friends. If you and other fellow trainers are already best friends then simply start trading Pokemon, open Gifts, go on raids, or do a Trainer battle. Doing so gives you a chance of becoming the Lucky Friends per day. As a downside, the Status will be temporary and will expire after you do a trade. But don’t worry you and your friend can become Lucky Friends multiple times in the game. As mentioned earlier, obtaining such friendship status provides various buffs and other perks to both parties. If you are unaware of the advantages of becoming Lucky Friends with other players then scroll down for details.

Lucky Friends Advantages & Perks

There are various perks for obtaining the Lucky Friends status in the game. It not only decreases the Stardust cost for trading with your Lucky friend but also charges you 50% less. On the other hand, the Pokemon you trade after obtaining the status changes to a Lucky Pokemon automatically. Additionally, the game also provides you with extra XPs for completing a Raid and Gym Battles with your Lucky friend.

That sums up everything about how you can get Lucky Friends status in Pokemon Go easily. While you are here take a look at the Catch Rate guide to improve your catching skills. Also, check out the ways to get free Poke Balls in the game.