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Pokemon GO Catch Rate Guide

Learn what a Catch Rate is in Pokemon GO from this guide.

Pokemon GO is an AR adaption of the main series of Pokemon games. Like the other Pokemon games, you can catch Wild Pokemon. But it is not as simple as throwing the Pokeball and then just walking away with a new Pokemon. You can only get the Pokemon if you have a good Catch Rate for that Pokemon. In this guide, I will explain All that you will need to know about the Catch Rate in Pokemon GO.

Catch Rate Guide in Pokemon GO

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Catch Rate in Pokemon GO is a chance of catching a Pokemon when you toss your Pokeball at it. The Catch Rate is different for each Pokemon as Factors like Levels, Typing, Happiness, etc. come into consideration. Usually, it is easier to catch a Pokemon like Pidgey rather than a Pokemon like Dragonite or Metagross. Your Catch Rate for a Mon also depends on what Pokeball you are using. Pokemon GO uses the Formula given below to determine a Wild Pokemon’s Capture Rates.

Probability of Catching = 1 – (1 – (BCR) / (2 * CPM)) ^ M

Here BCR & CPM are values set by the game where BCR stands for the Base Capture Rate for a Pokemon species. M is the product Multiplier of all Catch rate Boosts which includes Ball type, Berries, Throw, Type Medal, & Encounter type. If you want to increase your Catch Rate then you should use an Ultra Ball with Berries as an Excellent Throw. Type Medals are Medals given to you for catching a certain number of Pokemon of that type. Dual types count for both Medals. To max out a Type Medal, you will have to catch 2,500 Pokemon of that Type. If your Encounter type is a Research reward then the chances of catching that Pokemon get boosted.

This was all about the Catch Rate in Pokemon GO. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Get A Charged TM in Pokemon GO.