How to Get Sovereigns in Skull and Bones

Wondering how you can unlock and earn the premium late-game currency? Here’s everything you need to know about getting Sovereigns in Skull and Bones.

Players can earn in-game currency in Skull and Bones after completing contracts, raiding enemy ships, or looting. Besides Silver, players must also learn to get Skull and Bones Sovereigns. However, this is a late-game currency. As a result, to unlock and access its benefits, you will have to jump through many hoops.

Players must learn more about this premium currency to purchase ship or character cosmetics at the Vanity Atelier. Therefore, if you need help, here’s how to quickly start earning Sovereigns and use them to buy all the desired items.

How to Get Skull and Bones Sovereigns

Reach the Kingpin Infamy Rank by completing contracts and finding treasures in Skull and Bones
Reach the Kingpin Infamy Rank by completing contracts and finding treasures in Skull and Bones (Image: Ubisoft)

To get Skull and Bones Sovereigns, you will need to:

  1. Reach Kingpin Infamy rank: Complete contracts, explore, and gain Infamy to reach this rank.
  2. Build Your Empire: Finish “A Nose for Business” and manage your fleet to earn Pieces of Eight (PoE).
  3. Top the Leaderboards: Climb the weekly/seasonal PoE charts for sweet Sovereign rewards.
  4. Explore for Luck: Hidden treasures and challenges might grant Sovereigns.
  5. Shop Smart: Use Sovereigns wisely in the Black Market for cool cosmetics and items.

Considering this currency (Skull and Bones Sovereigns) has been termed a ‘late-game’ item, you must first strive to unlock the Kingpin Infamy rank. To get to this rank, you will have to make sure you complete all the contracts you are assigned. You must also find treasures and participate in all the World Events to reach this rank.

Once you have unlocked the Kingpin Infamy rank, complete the ‘A Nose for Business‘ contract and set up your Helm Empire. Now, all you need to do is climb the Weekly and Seasonal leaderboards and unlock the tiers.

However, unlocking these tiers and earning new leardboard rankings will connected to Pieces of Eight. As a result, the more Pieces of Eight you earn, the more tiers you can unlock. Similarly, once you start climbing the leaderboard and unlocking different tiers, you will be rewarded with Sovereigns.

How to Use Sovereigns in Skull and Bones

As mentioned, Sovereigns can purchase ship and character cosmetics in Skull and Bones. You can use this currency to unlock and buy the character cosmetic you want by accessing the Vanity Atelier. Additionally, you can purchase various Black Market goods once you interact with Yanita Nara, the manager of Le Pont Muet.

That is all you need to know about unlocking Sovereigns and using this late-game currency to purchase all the cosmetic items you want. Don’t forget to check out how you can get Wood Tar, Shellac, and Ouroboros, all available here on Gamer Tweak.