Skull And Bones: How To Get Ouroboros

Want to get Ouroboros so that you can create the best ship armor in Skull and Bones? Our guide will help you understand how you can craft this item.

The main aspect of Skull and Bones is to become one of the most respected Pirate Kingpin. However, in order to earn this title, you will have to complete difficult contracts, win umpteen ship battles, and make strategic decisions. Additionally, players will also be able to craft some powerful ship gear that will help them level up their ship so that they always have the upper hand while taking down their opponents during any ship combat.

As a result, many players are wondering how they can get Ouroboros. Here’s everything you need to know before you begin crafting this rare armor.

How to Get Ouroboros in Skull and Bones

How To Get Ouroboros In Skull And Bones
Image Credits – Ubisoft

In order to get this rare item, you will first have to get the Ouroboros blueprint. This can be purchased from the Sea People Huntmaster who is located near the Lanitra Outpost. To buy this blueprint, you have to give 50 Monstrous Teeth to the Huntmaster. Although this seems like a lot, players can defeat the sea monster Kuharibu, and collect this drop every time they beat this creature.

Once you have the blueprint, you can focus on gathering the materials required to craft this item. You will need –

  • 4x Monstrous Scales
  • 4x Monstrous Tooth
  • 2x Rubber
  • 1x Torsion Spring
  • 1x Gannets’ Saltpeter

Although players can get both the Monstrous Scales and Monstrous Tooth by defeating Kuharibu, the rest of the materials can be obtained after you have defeated and looted other enemy ships during battles.

Also, it is important to note that you will be able to create Ouroboros armor only once you have reached Kingpin I Infamy. However, you can easily get to this rank by completing all the contracts and activities you encounter.

Now, after you have the blueprint and all the required materials, you will have to make your way to the Pirate Dens and visit the Blacksmith. To start the Ouroboros crafting process you will have to spend 3800 Silver.

This is everything you need to know in order to get the blueprint and craft Ouroboros armor. If you are looking to level up in the game, don’t forget to check out all our Skull and Bones guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.