Skull And Bones: How To Find The Sea Monster

Looking for the Sea Monster in Skull and Bones? Here’s how you can find Kuharibu and collect the loot this creature drops.

In Skull and Bones, players will be able to take on an action-packed adventure by discovering and exploring the vast ocean, taking part in ship battles, and strategizing, in order to become the most reputable pirate kingpin. However, building your own thriving empire won’t be an easy task. One of the ways to accomplish this is by completing all the contracts and activities that are given to you by the Huntmasters.

Similarly, if you are looking to purchase some items to upgrade your ship or to unlock gear and cosmetics early on in the game, you will need to collect the loot that is dropped after you defeat Kuharibu. Therefore, if you are wondering how to find the sea monster, Kuharibu here’s everything you need to know about this dangerous creature.

Where to Find the Sea Monster in Skull and Bones

Where To Find The Sea Monster In Skull and Bones
Image – Ubisoft

In order to get to the sea monster, you will first have to visit the Sea People Huntmaster at the Lanitra Outpost. He will then give you the “From the Deep” contract. To complete it, you will have to find Kuharibu and defeat him.

This sea monster can be found in the Western Basin, which is located towards the northwest of the Lanitra Outpost. Since this is one of the first monsters you will face, make sure you are well-prepared to face it, as this creature will be very tough to beat. However, keep in mind that you will be able to access this contract only once you have reached Ship Rank 5 or higher.

After you have defeated Kuharibu and completed the contract, you will get Kuharibu’s Eye. You will receive this drop after you beat this sea monster for the first time. Take this loot back to the Sea People Huntmaster at the Lanitra Outpost and you will get 600 Silver in return.

Additionally, you can keep checking your map to get the “Whispers of the Deep” rumors and visit the Huntmaster to complete another contract and get different drops from this sea monster. Monstrous Flesh, Monstrous Tooth, and Monstrous Scales are some of the loot you can get from Kuharibu.

This is everything you need to know about how you can find the sea monster in Skull and Bones and collect all the items this creature drops upon defeat. To know more about this game, you can check out all our recent Skull and Bones guides, available right here on Gamer Tweak.