Skull And Bones: How To Get Wood Tar

Wood Tar can be used while crafting ship weapons like Culverin V and Long Gun I in Skull and Bones. Our guide will help you understand how you can get this Specialized Civilian material.

Skull and Bones is an open-world action RPG that is filled with exploration, intense ship combats, and contract completion. Players will be able to set out on a thrilling adventure and try their level best to become the most respected Pirate Kingpin. However, building this prestigious empire will be extremely difficult, as you will have to focus on gathering loot and crafting items that will increase the level of your ship.

Once you have the best ship, you will be able to take down all the other enemy ships with ease and will also be able to defend yourself from their attacks. Due to this, many players are wondering how they can get Wood Tar, as this resource can be used while crafting some of the best ship weapons like Long Gun I, Tearing Culverin II, Mons Meg II, and Culverin V.

Additionally, this material is also essential while crafting the Iron Husk V ship armor. Therefore, if you need help finding this resource, here’s how you can get this Specialized Civilian material easily.

How to Get Wood Tar in Skull and Bones

How To Get Wood Tar In Skull And Bones
Image Credits – Ubisoft

There are two different methods of getting Wood Tar in this game. You can obtain this material by looting or by purchasing it from traders. For the first method, you can travel to the Ungwana Territory and defeat the enemy ships present in this area to get this item. Additionally, you can also find this resource by attacking and looting the ships of the settlements located near Bloody Channel, Tenina Coast, Jiwe, and Pilot Bay.

With regards to the second method, you can get this particular resource by visiting Guerande which is a settlement located in Bloody Channel. Here, you will come across a Vendor who will be willing to sell you Wood Tar for 600 Silver. However, we would advise you to save your Silver and get this material for free by looting the enemy ships, instead.

We have covered everything you need to know about where you can find Wood Tar so that you can use it to craft ship weapons and armor. If you found this guide helpful, you can also check out how to get Shellac and Ouroboros, right here on Gamer Tweak.